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We are a purposeful movement of women who choose to live differently. We do this by creating heart-felt bonds and working on our sense of belonging, and community. Before we begin, I invite you to connect to your heart and answer the following questions...

  • Do you want to take time away from your never-ending ‘To-Do’ lists and get off the hamster-wheel?

  • Do you want to feel settled and assured as a human being, opposed to feeling pushed as a human doing?

  • Are you willing to invest your energy in creating a new vision for your life?

If the answers are ‘yes’, you are in the right place because we bring people together who are asking the same questions. Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose?

Tribe Called Woman brings back sacred time for women. This is important because the world has changed and in between juggling family, friends and work, we don’t have the bandwidth to focus on ourselves, let alone know where to begin.

This miraculous project offers a bridge between being and doing, and teaches you how to connect with your true essence, so that even the smallest of actions feel like a celebration.

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  • More about us
  • More about us

    The work we undertake is committed to unlocking the power, beauty and wisdom of women today, and seeks to create a world where we are not divided by gender; social status or self-imposed limitations.

    It is time for you to self remember and regroup, as you consider your desired impact upon your world. Together we are stronger and can fly further in our journeys of self-liberation, truth and purpose. It is time to create a new divine feminine collective consciousness that is liberated from old school beliefs, stories and polices designed to keep us trapped in a life of illusion and fakery. It is time to shift our systems and cultures from patriarchal domination to the celebration of a growing union with matriarchal wisdom that will support us to heal and balance our relationships with our self, this planet and humanity.

    • Tune into the wisdom of the divine feminine and all she has to teach our communities, the planet and each other.
    • Create, birth and complete the work we were born to do.
    • Create healthy relationships, as you break down your own barriers and discover the true meaning of life.
    • Support you in the transition back to your true, inner nature, each other and our planet.

    Get in touch if you are ready to stop competing with and judging others, and yourself.

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The invitation

The mission is for you to get connected, break free and create positive changes in your life, at work and beyond. This is both an investment in yourself and a lifeline for your body, mind and spirit.

We unite tribes of women around the world, who are gathering together to create positive impacts in their own lives, workplaces and wider society.

We are birthing a new feminine movement that creates, heals and unites. This journey begins with first challenging your own perspectives, beliefs and values, and then moving together with others to create activities for the greater good.

Are you looking to be empowered in areas of your life where you traditionally fight or flight? Do you want to find your purpose, connect, and be inspired by other women?

Are you ready to stop negotiating with your inner critic and start being an ambassador for love? Then join us on this journey.

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My story of wellbeing in COVID times…

My story of wellbeing in COVID times… This is a blog about self-reflections, awareness and acknowledgment. It has been written as a bridge of light for anyone who is feeling lost, alone and unsure of their next step. It also provides a healthy boost if you are committed to making an ongoing journey back home to your true self.

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings without judgement

Today, I celebrated myself. I was able to feel stressed and anxious while also being aware of an outpouring of love. My daughter became sick very quickly and the strength of love in my heart and witnessing the love from my parents towards us, opened my heart. I cried tears of love – it was a moment of recollection, of deep gratitude, of coming home to myself and the truth about how loved we are.

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