We are guided by principles of love, connection and co-creation.

Join us to share your stories, hopes and dreams, as well as your frustrations, pain and emotions. Each tribe offers a place where your voice can speak out and your growth is witnessed, and applauded.

Each tribe carries the energy and name of a magical bird, selected to infuse special qualities into the space that we co-create in.

Designed to pop your metaphorical cherry, Tribe Called Woman will support you to create and birth the life you were born to lead.

We will show you how to...

  • Walk the courageous path

  • Take responsibility for your life

  • Take time away from any never ending To-Do lists and get off the hamster wheel long enough to find clarity, and connect to your own truths

  • Love yourself, love your body, love your womanhood – unlocking the true power of femininity and the female form

  • See into and love the woman within, as well as unite with your divine feminine, and masculine energies

  • Enjoy soulful experiences that will blow your mind, open your heart and lift your spirits

  • Find your tribe & create and nurture a value of community, and each other

  • Create true intimacy that is not linked to sex and or power

  • Discover your secret source

  • Find your voice

  • Make real-life commitments to yourself and the circle – what can we count on you, and each other for?

  • Work on a leadership quest that moves you and has a positive impact on others

  • Develop your inner power to lead a project in your community, at work or at home

We recognise and celebrate the Goddess and Goodness that is within every woman.

  • Find your vision quest
  • Find your vision quest

    When you connect to your true power and inner voice, your life has purpose and it’s easier to connect with your vision for the world. You feel hope rather than despair.

    It’s time for more good newsLove breeds more love, stepping into and facing your fears helps it to move through you. No feeling is final, every emotion is a choice and everything you see or experience is an offer from life to wake up, and begin something new.

    The key to creating positive changes begins at home and the key is to start inside of you. When you connect to our own personal power, when you wake up to your true purpose, when you feel agitated, frustrated, angry, there is something happening within you, something wants to break free. Look for irritations and you will find a reference point to build upon – what does your heart desire and what steps will you take, right now?

    Your actions don’t need to be fully defined or finessed; taking the first step is what matters most. To begin something new, to take a risk requires courage and I know that if you’ve read this far, you have it in you to make, and inspire change. I know this, because you want it.

    If you want to create a wider vision for yourself this is the place to begin.

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Clare's quest

Clare Kerrigan, Owls Tribe

Find out how being part of the Owls Tribe supported Clare to live her purpose. She created a Yoga event that supported The Alzheimer’s Society and her Dad, who has the condition, and found a way to connect to his heart.

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