Authentic love is all you need

I am a woman who has learned to love herself. I’ll be honest with you, this didn’t happen overnight because like many Generation X women I grew up believing that loving myself was arrogant, big headed and selfish.    

It’s taken unwavering commitment to fully claim and love who I am, and I want to share the serene power that is available to those who want to love, live and lead from a place of greater authenticity.

To love authentically means to be open, truthful and unattached. It’s about giving your love away knowing that by doing so you are living your true purpose; a purpose that consists of surrendering, forgiving and accepting who you are and the journey you are on; as well as those you meet along the way; be they friends or foe. This may be one of the trickiest bits to master because our egos are dead against it. And yet it is fundamental to our peace of mind, and wellbeing.

When I give from an open, trusting and unattached heart, I am saying ‘yes’ to sharing a love that is both pure and limitless; the mental score sheets are erased because I expect nothing back in return. I do it because in this moment, I can and this is the true meaning of unconditional love. I say yes to loving because something inside me is saying, “yes, keep going, love matters.”

Love has the energy of a dedicated mother whose sole purpose is to keep you safe, warm and cosy; she wants peace, harmony, compassion, empathy and beauty to bless your days. Will you wake up to love’s presence? Will you open yourself up to receive this energy and then become a channel that will shine, and vibrate love out into the world? The answer must always be yes, because herein lies the truth… For us to love authentically, we must first receive from source and when we are blessed with love, we must pass it on without expectations for us to once again be filled up with a love so divine it eradicates fear.

In my quest to choose love over fear, I am discovering the deep meaning of self-love because without creating the time, and space I need to stay whole or holi, I can soon become detached from my purpose of loving myself and sharing from a purified, and open heart. It’s a different feeling, to share a dose of the warm stuff with someone else and step into being a channel for love because my well is already fully stocked.

As opposed to giving from a place of lack, inner pain and turmoil. When this happens, I am moving from a place of obligation because at this point I am connected to fear. The inner dialogue is no longer loving, it’s harsh – demands and accusations from my inner critic may create a positive result on the outside, but the energy I transmute is polluted because I am in pain. When I listen to my ego, I feel hopeless and lost. My actions are no longer from a place of unconditional love. I am giving because I want you to love me and stay with me, because I need you to verify my worthiness and I do not believe I am enough, just as I am. Whatever I do or even who I am in this place; is never enough.

When we choose to walk with spirit, we are learning to hold and love our deepest questions and longings. We must learn to be patient; to get used to feeling uncomfortable. To take a deeper look at our intentions. To ask; “why am I doing this and from what place?” Being popular and liked by others is not enough to sustain love, we must go deeper, fly further and connect to source first.

A while back I made a simple promise to myself, I will only give when I feel a deep urge and by living this practice, I have discovered a deeper joy and appreciation of living and loving. It’s a two-way street when I am filled full and I give, I experience a love so deep it raises me up.

They say the only way out is through and I say yes to that. To get through fear back into love, I start at home with me, with my own heart and I connect up to a loving God, whose always with me waiting for the moments when I will come down on my knees and pray.

Are you ready to fly in your life and follow your heart’s purpose? Do you need some time out to reflect and replenish? We have limited spaces available on our all woman Yoga & Life Coaching Retreat & expedition to India 12-26 March 2018. This retreat will heal and celebrate the divine feminine energy within you, connect you to your body’s natural wisdom and raise your vibrations. Get in touch if you want to know more.


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