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It’s time to stop limiting my joy and wonder. It’s time to move into the present moment, fully. It’s time to feel and express what’s inside me. It’s time to shine all of my light out into the world… Are you with me?

As I write I have a special appreciation for my journey so far, for those dark nights of the soul experiences that left me shaken and down, but not out. Never out. Because it is through loving my shadow and yours that I can hold the space for my light, and yours to breakthrough… Are you with me?

If you are on a spiritual path you are saying, hit me up great spirit, teach me and show me how to be spiritual, humble, kind and loving… Loving your darkness and others’ is par the course – you are saying I can be with my humanity and yours. I will do my best not to turn away and if I do, I will come back to my centre and reboot because my heart knows who we are, fundamentally. Our hearts are our home and the place where we’re always invited to return back to. Are you with me?

Through loving my shadow, I can see that there is a small and scared voice trying to be big and scary, that’s saying, “that’s enough now, don’t let too much love in, don’t care too much… Don’t hope too much or dream too big because you may fail, and you will never recover…” This voice puts me at odds with my true self, with my heart, with the part of me that says, “come on Karen life is here waiting for you. Come on Karen you are loved and enough no matter the outcome, keep going, keep shinning… Are you with me?”

When we choose to limit our feelings in any way, we cut ourselves off from love – from loving ourselves right back to life again. Anyone who has encountered strong grief will understand what I mean because when we lose someone we love or if something is taken away from us that we hold dear, we suffer. But in the suffering comes new life because when something is taken away something else is given… Are you with me?

So, I’ve decided to consciously let life in, to say yes to all of it and to fully feel into the joy and wonder that each moment brings because no moment is ever the same… Or as I like to say, NIMETS… What will you do with this one precious moment? Will you let life and love in especially during the darker times?

Are you with me?

This blog is dedicated to my daughter, who is teaching me every day to stay present, open my heart and fall deep into the wonder of life.

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