Child’s play is like chicken soup for the soul

Time out with children is like chicken soup for the soul right now. Everyday my daughter makes me laugh, smile and wonder at her ability to see everything as an opportunity. When I slow down, connect and see the world through her eyes, I see so much beauty and playfulness.

Putting her hand in a muddy puddle, picking up sticks, wrapping herself up in my shawl, sitting in an office chair, watching delivery men unload, she is consumed with imagination. Birds flying, dogs barking, cats meowing, evokes squeals of joy. It’s wonderful to see and more importantly, feel.

I am not saying that life, she or me are perfect, that there are not daily challenges to consider, but when I let go of worry, so much more is available. She is my entertainer and my teacher.

So if you have kids at home right now, find some space to switch off from the news and reconnect with them, watch them, copy them and be amazed at how different the world seems. Then take that perspective and put it into your day, what is possible when you choose to be curious, present, ecstatic?

If you don’t have children, tune into your inner child and ask what she or he needs right now to feel alive, hopeful and accepting of what is?

If there was ever a time when patience, willingness and creativity were needed to balance out fear and hopelessness, it is now. So be it…

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