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Foundation Course

8 week online experiential programme


Find out who you are and do it on purpose

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This course is steered towards claiming your serene power as a woman. It is soulful without being preachy. It is a challenge that nurtures courage. It is here because the time for waiting, for perfecting, of pretending and playing it safe is over.


The course includes: 14 hours of facilitated self-development work, your personal guidebook and a one-hour coaching session with Karen.

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Divine Feminine Creation Course

4 week online experiential programme


Go from seed to flower in your life

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This programme is dedicated to the calling of the divine feminine and the creation of your new vision quest. Learn to source from your womb’s wisdom, grow and fertilise new seeds. Get connected, birth new ideas, habits and beliefs.

Learn how to:

  • Face your fears (ego) and remove your own blocks, and masks
  • Connect and source from your womb’s wisdom
  • Stand up for what is needed in your life
  • Infuse love into what you do – creating meaning and purpose in your choices
  • Create sacred time for yourself. Create and birth new beliefs, and projects
  • Discover ways to visualise and manifest the life you are secretly dreaming of
This is the perfect course for women wanting to reconnect and rebalance their feminine energy with a wider purpose of creation. Be it a new relationship, business enterprise, habit, belief baby, wider life purpose or whatever you choose.

What’s included:

8 hours of life changing facilitated learning and your personal guidebook.

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Monthly Visualisation Circle

12 month online programme

This is the prefect option for those short on time, yet still seeking visible shifts

If you are looking to carve out regular time in your monthly calendar to go deep within and visualise your deepest desires, but don’t know where and how to get started, this programme is for you.

Join Karen for one-hour every month and journey through space, and time into the land of the future self. Walk with your wild side, as you let go of all preconceived notions and limitations, and allow your imagination to fly.

Karen is a master at ‘journey’ work and will support you to open your heart, through a series of guided explorations that support you to firstly, build castles in the sky and then ground your dreams into practical, and purposeful steps that can be taken in real time.


Sign up to a twelve-month programme totalling 12 hours across the calendar year.

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Divine Feminine Retreat, Basunti Retreat Centre, North India

14 day experiential course – WE ARE NOW FULLY BOOKED

Activate the life-force within to enjoy your full female power

Join Karen and yoga expert, Clare Kerrigan for an extended ‘feminine devotion retreat’ created to support you to step out as a fully embodied 21st Century Goddess. This sacred retreat will heal and celebrate the divine feminine energy within you, and raise your vibrations.

The practices of yoga and coaching help us to really wake up and create the space we need to remove obstacles and barriers, so that we can connect to our divine self, and body’s natural wisdom. This is important because we no longer have the space or time to truly listen to the wise woman within. When we stop listening, we lose connection to our backbone and we become floppy, and easily manipulated by exterior circumstances and our physical world. We must stop this if we are to be truly free and make our contribution as one of the wise.

Learn how to:

  • Face your fears
  • Ignite the love in your heart
  • Tune into the empowering voice of your womb
  • Discover how to nourish and dance with your spirit
  • Create a beautiful vision for your life today and begin a new chapter
  • Create a daily sacred practice that will support and nourish you every step of the way
This experience will celebrate the importance of sacred time for women and offer a safe place to retreat into so that you can make the important body, mind and spirit connections required to live a connected and purposeful life. This is life-changing work that will teach you how to love your womanhood and walk your path as one of the courageous, and serene.

Featuring the below activities:

  • Yoga and yoga Nidra at the beautiful Basunti Retreat Centre, described as ‘an Oasis in the foothills of the Himalayas’
  • Meditation, prayer and guided visualisations
  • Female empowerment & nature based coaching
  • Story telling, myths, meanings and values
  • Rituals, ceremonies and journaling excercises
  • Dance, movement and song
  • Goddess temple tours
  • Visit McLeod Ganj, the home of the Dalai Lama and the home of a vibrant Tibetan community
  • Wider excursions to sample the sights, sounds and sensuality of India and all she has to offer
Will you connect to the wild streak that runs through your body and come home to love? These are questions requiring a peaceful and conscious mind and a loving and nurturing heart. Learn to love the deep questions of your life, as much as the answers and of course, rejoice in the wonderful mystery of your life’s journey.

See this retreat as a new and conscious step towards change and know that you will be nourished, heard, and held by a wider tribe of women.
*We will be creating our own festival dedicated to the nine forms of Shakti, the female principle of divine energy translated as meaning “power” or “empowerment.” This primordial cosmic energy represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.


£1,800 to include:
  • Specialised life coaching and yoga experiences provided by Karen and Clare across retreat
  • All travel during your stay in India, tour guides, accommodation and all meals during the 8-night retreat at Basunti Retreat Centre
  • The price excludes flights, meals outside of the retreat centre, travel insurance, visa to travel to India, any additional excursions you may want to make and spending money.

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Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!


Goddess Power Workshop

Find your voice and meet your inner Goddess
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Are you ready to activate your full female power? Do you want to roar like a lioness staking her claim on her pride, but instead feel frustrated and lackluster? Or are you just plain curious and want to know more?

Karen will show you how to claim your full Goddess power by:

  • Tuning into the wise woman inside you
  • Unlocking your taboos and old habitual patterns
  • Breaking free of your own shackles and learning hot, and juicy techniques designed to connect you to the flames of passion that live within
  • Letting your body lead you home to your true essence
  • Claiming the wild woman within and creating a life that is full of juice

The outcome:

Create a more powerful, respectful and loving relationship with yourself and those around you.

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