Creating a new feminine collective consensus

I am committed to the creation of a new divine feminine collective consciousness and wanted to share what this means to me, why it’s important and how you can get involved.

Before I can go into the headline act, it’s important to go back a little through space and time to the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung, who said hell represents, among every culture, the disturbing aspect of the collective unconscious. In every tribal group there are structures of the unconscious mind, which are shared among beings of the same species and the impact of this can be devastating. How is it that groups can rationalize mass atrocities against their neighbours and planet, and why is it that we both chase and fear power? The unruly and unconscious mind is a dangerous weapon because it is often powered by the ego and when we are collectively engaged in tribal unconscious thinking, it will inevitably lead to destruction.

A Tribe Called Woman is a collective of conscious women committed to stepping out to positively impact change in their lives, communities and world. In doing so, they firstly shine a light onto their own and collective unconscious minds. The aim is to heal and support women to transition into their true self, but first they must clear out the blocks and barriers that up until now have stood in their way.

Understanding the PSYCHE OF our own WOMANHOOD and creating an affirming wider feminine collective consensus is a key part of this journey.

Here we ask questions like what is supportive of me as a woman and what do I want to change? We take full responsibility for our own reality and path, and what no longer serves us is let go. When we ask these questions as a tribe of women, we connect to a wider feminine collective consensus that looks at the common ground between our stories and experiences. There are many different voices and beliefs in our systems, some are affirming and others are limiting, we must choose a way that brings society and us forward.

We are at a pivotal point in our evolution. It’s time to live by some new rules while honoring the universal rules of our planet like law, order, time, nurture, growth, love, truth, respect and so on.

Our job is to shine the light on this, see the blocks and barriers and make new empowered choices that will support us and bring society with us. This is about collaboration, truth and purpose.

Asking the right questions:

So what is a collective consensus? This means widespread agreement. What are we as individuals, as a group and as a society agreeing to in the mainstream? And how does this impact our culture, belief structure and behavior?

I do believe that often we are in a space of collective unconsciousness and we are living out old stories and ingrained habits because it is what we know, understand and have always done, even though deep down in our subconscious we know that we are being unfaithful across many levels.

I want to share a few stories, one from my past and others are in the present day.

When I was a young PR manager working in football sponsorship, I was often sent to the training grounds of a premier league football club to encourage the players to take part in PR activities. I went there willingly and I used my sexual power to get them to pose with props for the newspapers. While I was always uber professional, I was often seen and used as an object, and this was an accepted part of the culture of the company and industry I was working for, and in. There was an unwritten rule that said that young attractive women would be able to coach the players to engage in activities that were outside of their contract and the fact was this was true.

This was compounded by the fact that when I was in meetings with the club’s marketing director; I was not taken seriously because I was a woman. Somewhere I said yes to all of this, I played a role and believed it was what I needed to do to get ahead. I also realized pretty quickly that if I was to be taken seriously as a woman in business, I would need to create some new rules for myself and also find a new industry to specialize in.

I recently attended an investment meeting where one of the directors put a slide up with a picture of female employees on it and said, ‘these are the pretty ones.’ It was an ill-advised attempt at humour and yet it showed the under lying stereotypes that are present within our businesses and societies.

And finally, I had a conversation with a woman about her daughter, gender equality and stigmas. Her daughter believes that women can’t play football as a profession even despite the fact that her mother plays football for a team every week and is embodying positive non-gender behaviors. So what happens to little girls (and boys) that grow into women (and men) to make them believe that we are not equal, that certain paths are not for them?

Only by being aware of what we believe and how we are restricting ourselves, can we change our own present, and future and help others to do the same.

Are you ready to look at your own unconscious thinking and create conscious beliefs and behaviors that will support you to create a brighter future?

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