Don’t be afraid of your shadow

Don’t be afraid of the dark dear one, don’t be afraid. The path you are walking is one of light. Don’t be afraid of your shadow, it’s time to heal your pain.

Last night when I was with my spiritual mentor, I spoke to my inner child, she sat in my lap and healing happened when I reassured her that I would take good care of her, just as she has cared for me over the years. She is the one who took me around the world, who ushered me to faraway places to fulfill my dreams. She is sweet, innocent, vibrant, faithful and full of wonder. As I looked into her eyes, I felt love wash over me. Gratitude for our plight and her childlike innocence, and later when I watched my daughter sleep, joy landed in my heart.

Don’t be afraid of the dark dear one, it’s time to rest a while and focus inward to restore your spirit. Choosing rest provides space for reflection and will strengthen your will; allow yourself to hibernate.

In my personal journey into womanhood, I like many women I support, was keen to leave behind my small one. Yet in doing so I cut myself off from purity, softness and my maternal instincts. The world does not need more masculine energy, it needs us to heal our wounds, make peace with our past and emerge anew, with love in our hearts, and fire in our bellies.

Are you ready to go deeper into your own inner cave to look into the darkness and heal the small one who is asking for your love, and forgiveness?

She needs you just as you need her. Her essence is like sweet nectar to your blocked heart… Love, innocence, playfulness, simplicity, curiosity, creativity and earthiness are in her bones. Are these qualities not missing from your life and our world? Surely now is the time?

Don’t be a stranger to your little one, in healing her heart, inner freedom awaits. It’s time to remove your own arrows of pain.

Don’t be afraid of the dark dear one for it holds the secrets of your own healing and provides the key to your freedom.

When I sit with my own pain and allow it to shift shape, the light passes through like a giant sacred torch. The light was there all along but the darkness kept it hidden. By putting your inner eyes on what you fear, the healing can truly begin. Are you ready?

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