Your emotions are the gateway to creativity

If you feel sad cry. If you feel happy smile or in my case, cry again. If you feel anger stamp your feet. Choose a physical expression that best expresses your emotions and you will feel the gateway to creativity open…

If you truly want to create, then you must feel… If you truly want to heal then you must feel. If you truly want to build deeper relationships, then you must feel, heal and create. Being in relationship with creativity is a two-way street and requires your imagination and willingness…

Are you willing to stop reinventing the same old wheel? Do you crave that unbeatable force of potential that carries you along into a field of freshness and high vibrations? And are you willing to let down your emotional guards long enough to step into the unknown? Yes or no?

What I have learned over my 21 years of corporate work is that our feelings and emotions are our tickets to freedom, there is nothing to fear because no feeling is final and on the other side is the juicy stuff (creativity, love, connection and so on). When we choose to swim in our inner sanctuary and connect up to a higher presence, we discover that the treasure we seek is to be real. When we surrender to spontaneous emotion, we become deeply sourced by an energy that knows no bounds. I call this energy creativity…

Creativity is not yours, it’s ours, it’s our birthright as humans. It’s forever moving and shape shifting. It lives in a parallel world and is constantly calling us forward, inviting us to dance wildly and spontaneously. Can you feel its power? It comes with one request, are you willing to turn on your creative tap to allow the biggest mystery of all to flow through you? Seek and ye shall find, in many ways it’s that simple…

Here’s some top tips to get your creative tap flowing…

1. If you answered yes to creativity, allow yourself to daydream today and build sandcastles in the sky.

2. As you do so open up to the feelings and emotions that arise when you surrender to a natural ability to co-create with the unknown.

3. Get messy… Watch children play or better still, join their wild abandonment. Or imagine your most playful self-doing what she or he loves best…

4. Read poetry, dance, play music, get connected… In-joy!

5. Choose trust over fear. What small, first step can you take towards realizing your dream?

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