Did you come to this planet to get a bigger house or to expand and grow?

This is a blog about letting go of what is keeping you stuck and tuning into your own body wisdom, and the calling of your divinity.

An unwelcome alien has landed on our planet and it trades under the name of fear, and we’ve been listening to its ramblings for too long. And in doing so we’ve become clones programmed to ‘go out and get.’ Get what though because getting the bigger house or salary isn’t it?

We boast about how, ‘driven’ we are, but have you worked out where you’re driving to yet? No, neither have I. What I do know is that the more driven I am, the further away I am from my true self and calling.

When we believe we are worthless, we take, take, and take. We take on too much and we rob ourselves and our planet of the natural resources needed to live as one. It’s an exhausting and unsatisfying cycle.

When we are out of sync with life, we can easily fall into a long numbed out slumber. It feels like our flames are burning out, and yet in each breath there is a light that offers us new ways to connect.

In increasing numbers, we are waking up and we are seeking new ways of being because the calling of the divine feminine is here… Can you feel her calling your name?

Are you ready to tune into the promptings of the divine power source that lives within you? Are you willing to heal the past and free yourself up to be a vessel for the callings of the divine feminine & masculine energies in your body?

Through my Tribe Called Woman project, I am learning that when we connect to the voice of the divine feminine, we naturally heal our old wounds and in doing so, we create healthy inter connective relationships with others, and our planet. We become sourced and the energy that we have been investing in life restricting pursuits is reinvested into channeling greater waves of hope, love, joy, peace and connection. This is quite the ripple effect and the more you give the greater the return, so long as you allow things to flow in.

Before we can transcend however, we must decide to let go of what we have been carrying with us for most of our lives because there is a new journey that needs to begin within you. And it starts by healing the stories from your past, often from our early childhood because this was the place where we started to form many of our limiting beliefs.

It is the place where we were dependent on our tribe for love, security, food, shelter, warmth and education. It is the place where we were at our most vulnerable; where we were naturally open and trusting, and so it comes as no surprise to me why so many of us still struggle to be fully open and vulnerable.

When we heal the hurts, disappointments or failings we’ve adopted through our early memories of our parents, guardians, wider family, teachers and social circle, we become fully functioning adults and we are able to create life affirming connections with those we may have been holding issue with. Or at the very least, we are able to give and receive more fully in our lives today.

When we realise that we are responsible for letting go of past fears, resentments, frustrations, disappointments or whatever it is that we are holding on to so tightly, we can live more fully in the present and it’s through our choices today that we can create miracles.

When we have wiped our slate clear, there is space for us to connect to the life-force energy that was bestowed on us at birth and also tune into the ancient voice of wisdom that runs through our veins.

We are now listening to the promptings of the divine and can follow the callings of our hearts. Our ego will step down at this point and we can listen to what is needed moment-by-moment.

There is no need for a grand master plan because we are no longer the keepers of our true destiny because we are moved by the will of heaven, rather than our own limited will. Let’s face it, none of us know what’s around the corner and life is much easier when we live it in the present because what’s here now is real. We may traditionally have been used to trying to run before we can walk, but now it’s time to walk each moment, step-by-step. Wow, what a difference that makes.

When we find our true essence, healing happens and when we heal, we can move forward with newfound power, and passion. When we are connected to our inner fire, we find purpose and our bodies become vessels designed to create, and birth. We become the midwife to many wonderful and wild ideas, and we find partners to dance with. Seeds blossom and grow, and we find ourselves alive, wild and free.

We are not designed to be static beings; we are not made to create false connections by handheld devices, to spend hours sitting at our laptops and computer and TVV screens… There are simply too many manmade screens in our worlds and these are stealing our power and blocking our life force the answers we seek are already inside of us.

And when we ask the right questions, we always receive answers. The problem that many of us are facing today is that we keep asking the wrong questions and then we get frustrated when we receive a strange answer. When we don’t like the answers we receive, we ignore them and keep asking the same questions. This is a form of madness…

It’s time to take off the masks many of us have acquired in our professional lives and to remember that we are human beings first and we have a purpose, to love, laugh, cry, express, hold, create, birth and grow. When we lean into the wild, untamed streak that runs through our bodies, we also find our true divinity.

After leaving my old corporate job three years ago, I have been peeling off the layers of my old identity and letting go of how I should be seen and even how, I should communicate with others. It’s been tough at times, because 17 years of acting out a one-dimensional role is a long time and I have had some mighty battles to play out with my ego, who has a lot to say about how much I’m earning and of course, what I’m doing with my life.

I am discovering the importance of giving myself permission to be both deep and connected, as well as wild and free, because in doing so, I can step into all of me.

I am also learning that when I am in a funk, when I find myself in the space of uncertainty, I often find panic and I am learning that instead of letting my fears overrun me, I can choose to use this energy as a way to connect to my highest calling or more simply, the voice of the divine. When I surrender my own will, and let go, I am usually humble enough to let G-O-D or whatever it is that is sourcing me, work through me. There is no need to question or search because we always find what we need in each moment.

‘Tribe Called Woman’ is about uniting women together and supporting them to find their inner power, so that they can find their purpose and spread more love, peace, joy and connection in their worlds. This programme is happening because it’s time. It is a calling of the union of the healthy diving feminine and masculine energies that live within us, so that we can listen to the calling of our true divinity and embrace change.

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