Feel the fear and don’t do it anyway

When fear is present, go within and wait for the space inside to shift. Purify, open, allow, recover, wait and then create. Ask yourself is this life or death or can it wait for a response?

Know that love will flood back in, the light exists within. Now is not the time to create and push (rush) back out into the world – there are enough voices shouting their messages from rooftops all over the globe right now.

What is needed is patience, presence and hope. Is it so bad or too painful for you to take this time to be with yourself, hold your heart and listen to your wisdom, a wisdom that requires you to feel and heal, hold and mold, wait and then create?

Personally, I have been waiting for what feels like an eternity to come back out of my mama bear healing cave. Every step back into a front line position was met with a very clear pull back from source, “now is not your time, wait and recover,” the voice said.

And so I waited, I nurtured and I filled my own cup and that of my families. It’s been a time of creativity, writing, painting, dancing, nurturing, feeling and trusting.

And then the call came, it was on a normal Tuesday evening, my daughter was asleep and I was taking my space on our settee. A call from a stranger, a curious mind and willing heart opened up a new opportunity for me, which I believe was born from our genuine interest in each other’s lives. What was a practical business call evolved into a quest to bring back sacred time for new Mums and mature women. Needless to say I said yes to my part in the whole and am now providing weekly meditations for Yours and Mother & Baby magazine. I could say that this came out of nothing but the truth is I have steadily and diligently been making my way back out into the world through my inner resolve and journey.

When we wait, we build resilience and what appears is never what we expect, because if we expected it then we would no doubt be chasing after it… These spontaneous surprises are really gifts from a universal source, who has seen your resolve to wait and dance with its call.

Fear will tell you, you must act now – this is desperation and desperation repels abundance. It also sends a negative vibration back out into the world.

The issue that we face is that we can build a great deal from fear and it can look like power, knowledge and success, but it’s essence is built upon sand.

When we stand aside and purify inside, we travel through our inner desert until we come face to face with our true self (our own wilderness). Many tribes and of course Jesus himself went into the desert to prepare for his life’s quest, this includes residing in nature and facing our fears and waiting for inspiration to strike or at least the inner resolve to willingly take the next steps. I realise that my own quest over the last two years has been to travel through my own inner wilderness and I invite you to do the same, to fully recover back home to self, to your true unlimited essence before you step back out into the world. If enough of us do this important quest, the shift we need on a global scale will be felt and change is inevitable.

Fear will step down when it knows you are not listening and more importantly, reacting. Fear has its place and can be a useful alert for danger, but as a constant companion, you will be led down many (all too familiar dead ends).

We have been taught to feel the fear and do it anyway, which has its place, but I have discovered that sitting with fear, acknowledging it, even talking with it and hearing its concerns can really help to detox our overloaded systems and in time, the energy shifts rather than sticks.

This is a process that can take some time and it’s not what most want to hear, but when you catch the feeling of rising energy sparked with creativity, you will know it’s time to go…

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