Finding love in the eye of the storm!

Storm Doris has hit our shores and I’m sitting on a very late train, keeping people waiting on the other side and practicing what I preach!

The lack of information from the rail company and the fact that my intuition tells me they are making it up as they go along, has been enough for the red mist to descend. My ego really does love it when I’m believing I’m trapped and powerless, caught in a trap on a never ending train. It could be a very disempowering story if I didn’t know better, but I do and that’s always the way back home to freedom!

The shallowness of my breath and noticing the adrenaline pumping around my body, well let’s be truthful here, it’s more like rage, have given me some clear signs that I have disconnected from my centre.

So I’m sitting here, clenching my knees together to release the Cortisol from my body. My shoulders are relaxing and I’m focusing on my breath, and observing my thoughts. There is a small smile appearing on my face, curling up slightly from my lips. And I realise that I am back home in my heart, feeling grateful for the warmth, the seat and the safety of being transported home.

And in so many ways, it is really that simple because we always have a choice… and this time I’m choosing to surrender and remember that I am not in control of the master plan.

My old coach, Sam told me to always look for the gift in every situation. Today’s gift of disruption showed me how loved I am. My beautiful friend Mark waited for me at the train station for 2.5 hours and didn’t get to see me due to my travel delays. And I was greeted by long lost friends, Scott and Freddie with open arms, as they welcomed me into their home, gave me hot food and a Somerset tipple and introduced me to their son. I feel blessed, humble, tired and happy.

There is always a way… a way in, a way out or a way through.

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