How being gentle inspires creativity in the workplace

As part of an exercise we were running recently that opened employees to the different positions of leadership, the CEO of a major multinational company said these words to his team, “be gentle.”

When he spoke these words, I felt a gust of energy moving through me. I was in fact moved to tears; my tears spoke of gratitude and hope for our world. These words spoke directly to my own soul and offered a different pathway for this hugely successful team. It was a welcome contrast to the usual form of egoic leadership that is so common in our world.

‘Be gentle Karen, be gentle, be gentle.’ In the months that followed, I have heard these words many times often accompanied by an image of this man; alive with gentle hope for his team. He was the messenger, I was the receiver, as were his team.

He was speaking from the invisible field that fills the space between all relationships. That space, where you and I meet. It’s not your space or my space, but the field where all relationships sit. This place is a precious resource to be honoured and utilised, as it offers the chance to step out of our small self-contained boxes into a larger space of leadership and relationship possibilities. When he spoke these words, his voice was that of a deeper wisdom, and longing, a longing or something different, softer and kinder.

Gentleness comes in many forms, in my opinion it is the voice of the feminine speaking our names, ushering us to take time out; to rest and be. When we let go, fresh energy becomes available to us, creative ideas spring forward. Our mind relaxes and our body becomes magnetic, mini antennas flashing out to the universe saying, “here I am, fill me with your power.”

So I leave you with a powerful question to ponder. Where will you choose to be gentle today and who will be your beneficiary?

And for those of you who want to know more here are five mini tips to get you started:

1. Take time out to give thanks for what is here, now by activating the appreciator in you. What and who are you truly appreciative of? (If it’s available, do this outdoors and as close to nature as possible).

2. Choose a different path. Practice patience if you are usually the frustrated one. If you speak a lot, sit back and take the role of observer. Lean physically back in your chair, this allows you to use your peripheral vision and will support you to feel relaxed and grounded.

3. Body scan, where are you tense (hands, jaw, shoulders etc)? Breathe into that space and ask it the area to soften and relax.

4. Slow your walking pace down, practice gliding (you will be amazed at how this shifts stress into gentle assurance).

5. Go to the mirror, connect to your eyes and say one true and kind thing about you. Smile at yourself. When you are ready spread this smile to those around you.

Message me if you’d like to know more…


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