Get off your bum

Who am I, how did I get here and what’s my true purpose? These three questions form the basis of our quest to understand the meaning of life.

And due to their complexity, I believe that many seek alternative ways to switch off and distract themselves from the basic truth that, with regards to life’s fundamental questions, we as a collective tribe of human beings, do not have a universal one-size fits all response.

“We don’t know,” is not a response that is widely accepted by many because we have been educated to find proof and worship logic, and this has become an unhealthy obsession that stops us using our senses to determine new ways of living, and being together. The ancient Egyptians were said to have 360 senses that helped them to connect to altered states of consciousness, supernatural and spirit realms, as well as the present moment. They understood that there is information in that which we cannot yet see and had experiences that were awakened by their senses. They were participants of life and they lived in the present rather than through man-made screens.

While I know who I am and my true purpose in life, I find myself seeking something greater, something that connects the whole of life together. I am committed to leaving the world a better place and when I watch the news, I feel bubbles of despair forming in my stomach and it takes effort to not collapse into these strong sensations because, I believe that this only creates more of the same. I am a spiritual warrior and I will not be taken into a landslide of resignation that says, ‘this is how life is.’

So how do we witness destruction and separation, feel pain and open our hearts to what is present in our world? How can we feel the feelings and step into the callings for change, how do we forgive, heal and welcome lost strangers into our communities?

Personally, I think we forget science for a while because when I seek answers, I learn that science still cannot explain 95% of the universe, so the how did I get here question for now meets my response of, “I’ve gone to lunch.”

We look to philosophy and we find some answers or we start getting closer to the meaning of life, and yet living an earthy life means that we are constantly moving, flowing, shifting and responding to what’s present in each moment. Or maybe we’re dragging our heels, complaining about what we have or don’t have. Where are you right now in your life, struggling and fighting to find your way or finding joy in life’s simple pleasures, greeting each day with a nod and a wink, and accepting that the way will always find you? We waste so much energy on needing to have all the answers right now or more to the point guarantees that we will be safe and secure, and when times get hard we start making bargains or compromises with our self and the voice of the almighty, call this GOD, the universe, Buddha, life-force energy, the divine, one-ness or whatever floats your boat. This is not faith; this is the voice of desperation speaking and comes from your ego.

Sometimes, we need to stop asking and start listening because the answers are inside us. And when we are for some reason not sure, then it’s time to hold the question for a while longer to see what wants to come, it may not always be what you wanted to hear or the easy road, but it will be divinely directed. How cool is it that when we get out of our own way, we have a direct line to the divine.

Everything in our life is a gift because it delivers a message to us and we are asked to remember that it is how we respond to life that matters most.

I believe that everything in life is neutral (yes, even the stuff that feels really shitty) because everything that happens on our path is delivering an opportunity for something to be set free. It is in our humanness that we attach an attitude of this is good or bad, ok or to be rejected and this is where we start to separate from each other. A person dies and we pause and we remember them, we feel great emotion and our hearts are broken open. There is a mass murder in Orlando and I witness healing, connection, love and support. And of course there is always the opposing view, but I am choosing not to go there because I am holding a bridge of hope and an opportunity for change.

How are you living your life and what impact are you having on the people around you, and the planet – how are you engaging with your loved ones, enemies and Mother Earth?

Whoever you are and whatever you do has an impact, so choose wisely. You may believe that you are insignificant and try to hide from the world, and the impact of this is major too. Is this why your heart beats? When you stop connecting to your true essence and ignore the calling of life to grow-up, step into your passion and the fire of life and as Gandhi once said, be the change that you want to see in the world, you plant destructive weeds inside and outside of you because the universe needs you to shine. It’s depending on it.

We are seriously lacking in positive everyday role models and it’s down to each one of us to inspire and promote goodwill – will you spend love, peace, positivity, hope, joy, gratitude, community, beauty in this life or will you lose yourself and be the perpetrator of dis-ease?

Don’t give me excuses that you’re too busy, tired, weak, alone or any other form of victim, poor me stories that you have fine crafted as a get-out clause. You my darling are a success because you breathe, you are a miracle because you are here – right now on this planet, so what will you do with these simple truths?

I want to share a personal story with you about a calling I received when I was in Indonesia. I returned to places that I’d fallen in love with 9 years ago and was full of expectations of how the trip would be spent, I was excited about showing my partner the true, unspoiled beauty of Bali and the Gili Islands. Landing in Bali I was shocked by the hoards of people, the packed roads, the new hotels, the felled trees and the rubbish, it was everywhere I looked. My heart felt like it was sinking in my body, I was in shock and my initial response was to “complain and judge.” My saboteur certainly had a lot to say about how things should be.

One day, after swimming with turtles, I decided that enough was enough and without thinking about it too much, I set out on a mission to give back to nature by clearing up a nearby beach. It was time to say yes to the calling of life, which was urging me to stay open to what was happening around me and embody the change I wanted to see. After picking up a bottle from the sea I got down to business and before long, I had piles of unwanted waste laid out in front of me. I was back in my body. I had reconnected to the fire in my belly that was guiding me, and at peace.

I went about my business quietly and contentedly and I’d like to think I delivered conscious reminders to those on the beach that we have a duty to give back more than we take. If a proportion of humankind made it their pledge to make each place they visit all the better for their being there, can you imagine the difference? I can and I will, and in clearing up other peoples’ mess I felt cleansed inside, I was doing something that I believed in and saying “yes” to my calling as a protector of this planet.

It is not ok for people to drop litter and it is not ok for me to lie on a beach and ignore the impacts of humanity on our beautiful planet. I choose to say yes to life, to preservation to that part of me that was jumping up and down and screaming, “get off your bum.”

So I ask you to reflect back on the questions at the start, who are you and what’s your purpose? To help you on your way, these are not logical questions for they require body wisdom to unlock their true meaning for you.

What are you ignoring that’s right in front of your eyes, what frustrates, angers or saddens you, look there because underneath these emotions you will find your internal flame? That fire is burning with the flames of passion, go there and you will find your true essence – let it speak and find a way to positively express it. Choose to embody love, passion, faith, hope or whatever it is that floats your boat.

What will you get off your bum for today – make it count, go on I dare you?

Rather than feeding on despair or anger at what is wrong with our world, come home to hope and find your power to affect change. And if you would like an infrastructure to support you in this process, get in touch.

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