Give yourself permission to feel your feelings without judgement

Today, I celebrated myself. I was able to feel stressed and anxious while also being aware of an outpouring of love. My daughter became sick very quickly and the strength of love in my heart and witnessing the love from my parents towards us, opened my heart. I cried tears of love – it was a moment of recollection, of deep gratitude, of coming home to myself and the truth about how loved we are.

I also realised that I am able to feel multiple emotions, all at the same time and give permission to each, in a way that honours the other. An inward check-in supported this realisation, “yes, I’m anxious and stressed, but wait there is something else here, my heart is open and love is moving. I am in love. Both are true and valid, let’s stay with all of this and see what wants to happen next.”

Love is emotional, if you choose it, you will feel on a deep level. It’s actually essential that you stay open to everything, that you choose to put that judgey, critical voice to one side and hold the space for your feelings. Because when we go fully into our feelings, when we choose to not make them, ourselves and others wrong, we realise that there is more available to us. For me, feelings are sacred, they are pointers of our journey and when honoured, they create a space for more love to grow and flow.

I am on a journey of the heart and there has been many mountains to climb, yet today I arrived at a love-affirming plateau. It’s time to put my feet up for a while and enjoy the sensation of inner change. There was a time when I didn’t know that there was more to me than the voice of my ego, that the noisy, insecure chatter wasn’t all of me but rather a small fragment of my ecosystem.

Remember this: The ego will bring you shame, blame and pain stories, it’s intent is to direct you towards hidden feelings and for you to get a slice of the feelings pie. It doesn’t, however want you to fully go there, to feel all of your feelings and ultimately, heal old wounds. When we hold the space for our feelings and give them permission to be, blocked energy and emotions move and through movement, space is created for love to fly in and flow out.

After years of practicing and coaching people to tune into their feelings and body wisdom, I know that there is nothing to fear and everything to gain… Are you with me?

If you have a story of your own to share, get in touch as I’d love to hear from you…

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