Happy birthday to me

Eight years ago I set off on a journey to support people to shine from the inside/out. I also had a dream that placed self-care at the heart of my own life.

At the beginning, I had no idea what this would look like or how I was going to create a viable living. What it actually looked like was a series of leaps and daily baby steps. It involved starting over, re-training and thousands of hours of coaching.

It was a break away from a career I’d lovingly built over 17 years that saw me rise to the top of the beauty industry. I did some major things during this time and built a legacy that continues today. But my heart knew that it was important for me to look deeper and extend the idea of beauty that comes from within.

I discovered Co-Activity, became a Certified Coach and CTI leadership graduate, and created A Tribe Called Woman, a company dedicated to nurturing wellbeing and a more balanced, creative and feminine form of leadership.

My journey continues to evolve and I’m happy to be working with some of the most beautiful human beings on the planet. My heart is happy. I feel hopeful and inspired by the resilience and commitments of those I’m honoured to call my clients (past, present and future).

And I have managed to take better care of myself, catch up on missed sleep, create a family and a business that is founded on love.

To celebrate turning eight (!), I’ve complied a few insights for you:

1. No matter what is happening to you in your life at the moment, take some time to appreciate yourself and your journey. This will support you to reset and feel good about you, which is the gateway for positivity.

2. Tune into your heart and know that everything is turning out in an imperfectly perfectly way. Often it’s not what we are doing but the place we are doing it from that creates dis-ease.

3. Never ever give up hope because you don’t know what is around the corner. Sometimes we need to experience issues to learn the lesson required for our next step. Trust the process that you are in right now and know that nothing is permanent.

4. And finally, if you commit to taking one positive step everyday towards your own wellbeing you will discover Eureka.

Thank you @coactiveleaders for setting me off on my new path all those years ago…

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