Why I no longer aspire to be Wonder Woman or any other pseudo-female

Who did you look up to when you were a child and what does this choice reveal to you? Who inspires you today and what’s the deeper meaning of those you follow? My childhood role model was Wonder Woman because I aspired to her beauty, intelligence and power. As an adult, I see a feminine warrior, fighting for justice from a place of compassion and heart, so it’s easy to understand why she had an impact on me. I also see the damage done by this outdated notion that women have to be and have it all, beautifully poised and groomed while fighting on the right side of the law.

I see the challenges that many women are facing today because they are my challenges too and I want you to know that there is another way.

Why is it that we admire those who seem to have it all? In my opinion, this is where the deeper shift of the divine feminine is required. Because behind closed doors, these women are dealing with their own wounds and humanness, and if true equality is to be reached, then it’s essential that we see ourselves and each other as equals, regardless of status and ranking.

I believe that feminine energy and leadership can teach us many things about dismantling hierarchies of power and its many injustices, BUT not at the expense of starving yourself first, in fact this goes against our natural ability to care for and nurture.

The pressures to be happy, to be good, to live up to impossible high standards, success and so on, must be surrendered if you are to find creative expression and move from a place of deeper wisdom. If you are to live in a way that serves you, others and the planet.

Perfectionism is one of the biggest dangers women face because it’s an impossible, soulless feat. I feel sad when women tell me they want to manifest their dreams because I know that most of the time this is coming from a place of lack, of competition, of ego and that even if they get to their desired destination, they will be climbing the next mountain in no time at all. I also feel empathy because it’s an old story I know so well.

Today, I say no to all of that because deep within me I know that I am enough just as I am and this is especially true when I allow my imperfections to be seen. To be able to love and accept our imperfections is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. There is something deeply refreshing, humbling and healing when you or the other loses their shit and reveals what they are truly feeling, and experiencing on the inside. When one steps into the uncomfortable moments of life and shows courage through their vulnerability, layers of protection fall away, the energy within the space changes and relationships deepen. Living a human life makes us fragile in places and when we face our fears truthfully and with love, it is our light that becomes empowered not our shadow.

In my work, I see this a lot. I see the strength that derives from a soft, open heart, and willing mind, I see the calmness that breaks through when clients allow themselves to be wild and free. When they face the chaos of their own humanity and are willing to stand there with soft eyes, something new begins to stir deep within.

In my humble opinion, this is the more authentic path because when we can stand in our own shoes, warts and all, miracles happen. All of the energy we have invested in portraying a fake persona can be redirected towards creating greater openness, vulnerability, truth and ultimately love. When your heart is at peace, difficulties become gifts, as new ways to respond open up creative pathways.

No matter what is happening on the outside, know that your path will find you if you are open to being led and not having all the answers, all the time. Personally, I no longer want to catch the waves, but instead I enjoy sitting in the ocean waiting for ‘the’ next wave to catch me. Bobbing around in the vastness of the deep allows space for my deepest callings to be heard, from there the dance of life becomes wild and exciting.

The feminine movement is important to our evolution because it will empower a more inclusive, creative, truthful and compassionate way of being in the world. As women, we can choose to wake up and share our gifts with the world and express our wisdom or not.

Are you willing to be truthful with yourself and what will you stand up for in your life right now? Are you ready to break your own silence as a woman, will you birth your own cry from within? Will you share the deepest parts of yourself with others from a place of imperfection and not having it figured out?

Are you ready to stop pretending that you are somebody else, saying yes when you mean no and vice versa?

Assuming this is ringing your bell, I encourage you to take some time for yourself and make space for to hear the calling of your own heart. Turn off the distractions and listen – what is she whispering to you right now?


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