The joy hunter- Lack does not exist in a joyful heart

I’ve recently stepped back into the work arena from a fully embodied “yes,” and it feels wonderful. I have been waiting for something to appear for what feels like an eternity and my inner guidance has been to wait.

I’ve been unsure of what’s needed and then it landed inside my heart. A simple and affirmative “yes” – yes to the unknown and yes to the vulnerability of uncertain times. Phew… Well kind of…

Along with any internal shift, I am noticing huge resistance from my ego.

There is a story emerging around “lack” it wants me to believe that there is not enough to go around. This belief if fed and watered creates a joy bursting existence, imagine a world where there is not enough?

This eventually translates into not being enough, not good enough, not worthy and somehow one who is not invited to the party, again imagine if this was what you believed? What do you think would occur next?

This clearly needed my attention because the associated mind talk is old, vicious and determined. And so I do what I always do personally and professionally, I get myself ready to do an authority dance with my shadow. It’s time to get clear on the truth of life in its broadest sense, to bring out the facts and most importantly to shine some love on my wounded inner child.

It’s also time to celebrate this rising awareness, pointing me towards the work required to free myself of these limitations.

Now conscious, the unravelling begins, so I find my seat in nature, tune into the garden of life and wait for wisdom to rise.

I open my senses and breathe, there is a rhythm flowing through my body, a pull in my right ovary, the same pull I have experienced before when energy moves inside me.

The birds call my spirt into the centre, my inner ears are vibrating. I have a vision, a mission and I am resilient, capable and caring, energy is flowing now and little sway movements dance through my body.

I move towards a tiny fire flower and smile, times are a changing and I’m grateful for that. The world is waking up to its quest of equality for all, there is a big resistance surging and yet, conscious action will rise alongside our growing awareness of broken systems and cultures of control and command. It is not what can I acquire but how can I contribute?

The patriarchy does not represent me or our planet, it never has. There is a spark of hope shining through the trees, I follow it with my mind’s eye.

I feel blessed to be part of a tribe that is committed to creating more peace, harmony, joy and ultimately love in our world. My heart opens and is flooded by the sweet nectar that I know is joy, the illusion of lack falls away and I sense that this is part of a bigger journey for all of us.

There is enough if we are conscious and caring, I have enough when I look through the eyes of gratitude and truth, and of course I am enough… So I sit here with an open heart, a blank page, my hand is poised and my energy dancing.

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