Learning to dance in the storm

This is a blog about how feelings are healing, and how trauma was my gateway to unconditional love… It’s been one huge challenging year, full of ups, downs, twists and turns… I’d go as far as to say, it’s been one of my most challenging ones yet. 2018 will be remembered as the year that taught me to dig deeper than ever before and open my heart to unconditional love. In my work as a coach, it appears that I’m not alone in surviving the intensity of this year, and so I wanted to share some of my learnings and challenge you to reflect, and create new beginnings as we enter 2019.

The outcome has been shatter-proof resilience, I now know how strong I am in both my vulnerability and female power. It’s only when we face the darkness that we can follow the light, and lightness is all around – can you feel it?

Lying in a hospital bed in Delhi, vulnerable and scared, I sent prayers out and was greeted with an abundance of love and support. It taught me that when I can no longer find my way, the way will find me.

My prayers were answered and on Halloween, Catalina Rose was born into the world and it was this transformative moment that has endured that I’m forever changed. When I look into her eyes, I fall deeper into a warm pool of love and now the tears fall. They are tears of joy, love and gratitude.

I’ve learned a lot along the way… I’ve learned to love through trauma, to trust through the darkest days and nights. That life is made up of extreme joy and pain, and that somehow, it’s all connected. It’s like flipping the same coin, it’s impossible to love deeply without feeling into your sorrows because when we face loss, we are able to stand strong and open our heart, and arms to what simply is. Eventually, we find acceptance – the gateway to personal power, and healing.

Every tough experience leads us back home, home to our hearts, where we can choose to fully accept that our very essence is love and that we are fundamentally loved.

It’s not about trying to not feel deeply but about being open and willing to allow life in, to find faith in the unknown and blindly follow the call to lovingly create, and serve.

Believing you are lost is a state of mind… Yes, there are times when we lose sight of who we really are, these are the times to dig deep and find a gateway that brings you home… My gateways are nature, music and movement, these three ingredients bring me home to my heart, to love in the present moment…

So as we turn the clocks to strike midnight and enter another year, I invite you to reflect on your learnings for this year.

And I leave you with this enquiry with the hope that in 2019 you will step through a new gateway:

What gateways take you home to your true lovable self?

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