Listening to the wise voice of the crone

Deep within you is a wise and ancient voice; do you hear her speaking to you in times of need? Or perhaps you feel her energy during restful pauses?

From my work with hundreds of women around the world, I know that in every woman lies the voice of wisdom. And it’s my belief that this is the voice of the crone, a powerful feminine archetype that offers trusted guidance, and counsel to those willing to listen.

But we have a problem. Our society has opted for youth and beauty over age and maturity, and for hundreds of centuries the voice of the wise elder has been discredited and even persecuted.

Why, because the power of the crone offers a “so called” threat to the status quo. She is the wise woman, the sage, the medicine woman, the healer, the one who has been there and back and knows that ultimately everything turns out just fine. In a world that operates from a system based upon fear, the idea of true liberation seems very scary and the problems we face come from the fact that so much of this is stuck in our collective unconscious. (See my last blog to understand more about the collective unconscious).

If we take a walk through history, we find real life stories that portray wise women as witches who were persecuted for tuning into their divine power, intuition or sixth sense. I see this as one of the many crimes that humanity has carried out against women and in so many ways these crimes live on in our psyche. And it is only by acknowledging the work of the human shadow that we can truly create change in our present reality and sew new seeds of growth for future generations.

While we no longer run the risk of being killed for our beliefs, behaviors or empowered choices, we do run the risk of not being understood or rejected by the wider collective tribe, and of course this ensures that many women suppress their inner crone. The fact that many are choosing to live their lives through a selfie filter stick adds more pressure to the notion that they must appear healthy, happy and beautiful at all times… This is having a huge impact upon our culture, our businesses and world.

And yet the winds of change are blowing through our universe, can you feel them washing away the cobwebs of “fear” in your own mind?

If you are nodding here, then know this, know that you are tuning into your inner wise sage. If you are curious to know more then you are ready to tune into your own inner knowing. You are ready to allow the shadow of death to come into your life to kill the old stories, excuses and limitations that are keeping you stuck, and disconnected from your true self. When you let go of what is no longer relevant in your life, new energy arrives and the cycle of new life begins. Rebirth happens.

On the journey of self-discovery, it’s important to surround yourself with new vibrations and seek out teaches who are already walking this path; many of these come in the form of elders. It’s time to take our elders out of care homes and have them sprinkle their knowledge back out into the world, future generations are in need of this wisdom. Our success as a human race is dependent on it.

I guess if you’ve read this far then you are agreeing in part to what I’m sharing. And I’m keen for you to take away something useful and start listening to the wise woman within, starting from now. Take out a pen and some paper and write your answers to the below questions.

What does your inner crone want you to know about you and this stage of your journey?

What is your contribution to society?

What will you claim as your own?

And who are the wise sages in your life and are you tuning into their counsel?

Choose one thing that you will do today that affirms that you are a woman of deep wisdom, go on I dare you…

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