The no plan, plan 

All my life I’ve had a plan… A woman on a mission whose driving some place. Creation and purpose could be my middle names.

What I love about this is that the ideas never seem to run out, they keep coming like an endless banquet… But even with the best banquets, there is a point when it becomes too much and daily life becomes more like a tick boxing exercise. 

So I’ve decided to take a pregnant pause and retreat from all the strategizing, and planning. And in doing so, I’ve started enjoying the deep feelings of love and gratitude that are present in my life right now. Love lands when I’m not looking, sometimes it sneaks up on me when I’m doing everyday tasks like washing the pots on a Sunday afternoon, as the Rolling Stones fill my senses and my Dad tinkers with some bulbs, Mum fusses and my honey plays the piano. 

I’m grateful for what I have right now, who I’m with and what is being given. I’m also grateful for what’s not being given, in a strange kind of way. Why? Because in these times of waiting I am learning to simply be. Be happy, be sad, be faithful, be forgiving, be impatient, be accepting of all I have and that which alludes me.

I’ve let go of all the big plans, the need to constantly create and I’m floating on an inflatable lilo in the Aegean Sea. The sea is my life and the lilo is the divine universal source that is holding me, supporting me and reminding me to stay, to stay open and faithful. To stay with not knowing what’s ahead or where I’m going even. His voice reminds me to have faith, to know that all is well and working in perfect universal timing. I am a gentle heart who makes radical changes and these changes are to fully let go, letting go of my need to control and know the exact outcomes of what’s next.

It seems the more I get exactly what I want, the more disconnected from source I can sometimes get, so there is magic in the unknown, the invisible. In fact, it’s greater than magic, it’s miraculous. 

And because life is full of mysterious paradoxes, there is a wider plan that is holding my life’s purpose and path together. Because I know that my life’s plan is to love, to love deeply, openly and willingly, and to keep returning to this energy over and over again. Why? Because when I choose fear I have bought into an illusion that keeps me separate… My legacy is to be loving and kind to myself, others and Mother Nature. This is my no plan, plan and I’ve no idea where it will take me… 

What do you want to be known for in this life? Send your answers on a postcard here…

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