I offer a one-to-one programme designed to awaken you to your true magnificence and nature, helping you to step into your role as a fully empowered, and purposeful being.

Empowerment coaching

Private coaching will help you to create clarity, and positive movement in your life, as you learn to source from your inner power.

You will learn how to build and nurture a life-affirming relationship with the real, authentic YOU. You will tune into your body’s wisdom. And love, live and lead from your heart. You will claim your gifts and talents, as well as your vulnerabilities.

While this four-step process is based upon my insights from working with hundreds of women around the world, each session will be unique to you, and tailored to your needs. If you are looking for connection and change, you will find it here.

Discover how to walk a courageous path and discover the power within you, as you own, and make a positive impact in your world.

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Step one:

Who are you and where are you on your life’s journey? The discovery phase takes a deep dive into your hopes, dreams, fears and limiting beliefs, as we begin the journey of inner liberation.

Step two:
Heart courage

As we travel deeper into your body, we begin to align heart, mind, spirit and soul. We grant power to the heart-mind-womb connections that exist inside you, creating space for both your heart’s desires and soul’s truths to shine through. We unmask the trickster mind and tune into your life’s purpose, uncovering values, and the wisdom of storytelling. New beliefs are created, as you claim your birth right as an empowered woman.

Step three:
Star gazing

With the past now behind you, you enter the realm of both the current and future self, casting your net wide into the future to vision your dreams into reality. This is the place where you co-create with the divine and surrender to the calling of your higher self, and true calling.

Step four:

Coming home to you and your inner voice, this is the time for self-acknowledgment as you realise your full potential, and the extent of your transformation. It is a time for clarity and celebration, as well as renewed vigour. You are ready to leave the nest with the belief that you have everything you need inside you.

What to expect

  • A six-month bespoke programme consisting of 12.5 hours of private coaching sessions with me.
  • By the end of each session, you will have clarity and a fortnightly action plan designed to deliver the changes you seek.
  • Sessions can be face-to-face, by Skype or zoom depending on your requirements.
  • Detailed discovery, mid-way review and completion sessions to ensure momentum, and celebrate the journey.
  • On-going support for the duration of the programme outside of the sessions.
  • Access to valuable tools that will support you for the rest of your life.
  • Detailed discovery, mid-way review and completion sessions to ensure momentum.


  • Contact me for further information.
Words of praise

Words of praise

Sarah Powell, private client

“What an utter goddess Karen is. I didn’t know what to expect when we started our sessions, I just knew I wanted change. Big, lovely, change. My work with her is the most powerful and transformative I’ve ever done. It’s hard to describe, as it’s subtle but really strong. I look back on the last six months and can’t believe how much my life has changed, and progressed. I’m stronger, happier and have more joy and less of the bad stuff that used to tell me I was rubbish. My work, relationships and the way I feel about myself has all changed, in a brilliant way. Karen has guided me with kindness, joy and we’ve laughed a lot, all in the safest space. She’s wonderful, everyone needs a Karen.”

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    Corporate all woman training and development programmes that focus upon nurturing female leaders in the areas of mission, vision, values and connection are also available.

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