Are you ready to shine as a leader today?

Who are you when you’re at your natural best, when you allow yourself to shine? What qualities break free in you and what’s your contribution? What conditions are required that allow you to step into your true essence? What lifts your lid and what closes you down? All important questions to sit with for a while that will help you to define how well do you know yourself as an individual and leader?

As a coach and empowering leader, I spend hours being present with others, losing myself in the magic of co-creation, dancing in the field of relationships and truth… It’s always a pleasure to let go of my own heady concerns to step into the field of possibility and hope for others…

Recently, I’ve noticed a difference in my work, it seems to be opening up to a wilder, more spontaneous rhythm. And… I’m realising the importance of taking this energy home into my other world, a place where I can sometimes lose energy and timing. As I switch off my intuitive love for clients, I can too easily switch off my creativity and passion for those I most love.

Anyone else find that they play into two extreme sides of who they are, that they are full of polarities on the inside? Perhaps adopting one way at work (sometimes called their best self) or with seniors only to switch to another way of being at home? Or perhaps you inspire juniors and freeze with your peers or the boss?

My challenge to you is to drop your guard a little and extend your awareness further out, so you can tune into an energy that allows you to show up fully where ever you are and who ever you are with… Because being aware and present of the power within all relationships needn’t be difficult, and if you slow down, stay tuned into your breath, take moments to reconnect to your heart you will discover a whole new way of being and interacting…

And so I make a fresh commitment today, to stay tuned into all relationships, to fully see and sense those I share my daily life with. To stay present to the unknown, the deep stirring of energy within the invisible field of relationships that is always inspiring, urging, calling us out to start something new… Together.

What about you, what will you commit to today? Who will you enter a new dance with?

As an extra source of inspiration, I leave you with a link to a Ted Talk by Hedy Schleifer about the power of connection, which is sure to get your hair standing on end…

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