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From my work with hundreds of women around the world, I am learning that many of us have a limited perspective of our own self worth in relation to love.

For most of us, this began early in life because we were brought up in a rewards based system. We learnt that being good was often met with rewards and so the need to prove our lovability began.

What’s important here is that these are unhealthy patterns that you must learn to undo, if you are to live a life of love, peace and joy. And this blog is dedicated to some of my insights created through my Tribe Called Woman programme.

I have some good news for you; you do not need to earn the right to be loved, just as you don’t have to try to breathe and often despite our best efforts to turn love away, most people see straight through the walls of protection and love you anyway. Yes, in spite of everything… So if you and I are loved naturally, what’s the problem? Well I see it like this; we were created through passion, love and heat, and our hearts were the first part of us to come to life. Our heart is also the last part of us to die, I think it knows what it’s doing. It is divinely timed, it knows when to beat and when to stop, as if by magic it has all the wisdom of the universe flooding through it and is sings songs of forgiveness, passion, compassion, new beginnings, old endings, and resilience. Our hearts speak of continuation, of weathering the storms and getting back out there, back on the road and willing to step into a path of faithfulness. When we are faithful to our hearts, we choose to keep trusting, to keep opening and we look for opportunities to forgive, forget and to love.

These days, it is easier for me to notice when my heart has gone metaphorically cold because I have the appearance of stone and my practice is one of forgiveness, and truth. I choose to create a life affirming reality. I don’t always like what I find in the reality of my life, but I know that by staying present to what is, I am able to create the life I want to lead right now.

Sometimes I choose to withdraw within to clear up what is blocking my heart or other times, there is nothing to do but step into the fear that wants to freeze my heart. When I am able to look at life, others and myself from the eyes of kindness, I am able to stop the inner critic from raising its ugly head and can step into the intuitive voice that is also speaking to me moment-by-moment.

Am I speaking your language or is there a spark of interest at the notion of living a life that returns you to love, over and over again? To do this, you must slay some dragons along the way, as the biggest battle you will ever face is with your ego, the small or puffed up part of you, that has your love story written minus the happy endings. Beware of the clever and manipulating voice that is keen to freeze your heart and close your mind. Coldness is the kiss of death to your relationships and an act of defensive anger; it is not wise or sensible to withdraw from life and its beauty.

When you turn your back on love in all its guises and it has many, you turn your back on your own unique beauty and true essence. From here it is easy to get caught up in webs of destruction, as you attempt to manipulate and scheme your way through life.

When you believe that you are, unlovable, unworthy, lacking or superior, better than the rest; you are living a lie. Perhaps you are surviving and keeping your head above water, but for how long can you keep up this pretence? And is this really your purpose in life? I don’t think so… Because of the on-going commitment and practice required by living a life of love, it is easy to fall off the wagon and get caught up in judgements, old stories, pettiness, anger and fear, or to tell yourself that, “you don’t have time to reach out to that person who needs a kind word or friendly ear.” What about that stranger on the street who you passed and ignored, and yet there was something stirring in your heart that wanted to reach out? Every day, our path is littered with opportunities to love; to find compassion or to be randomly kind, what if these occasions were gifts from life?

It’s time to stop with the excuses. You do not need to be with a significant partner to give and receive love, it’s around you all the time, all you need to do is open your heart’s eyes and step in to the warm glow that is emanating from inside you. You may need to stay still for a while, to clear out some inner clutter, to heal past hurts and to stop racing through life.

You will need to step into the void that lives inside you, the gap between the breaths, where there is stillness and guidance, and when you become more solid in your own self, you will start to step back out again, this time with more centre and balance. I know this because; this has been my own personal journey. A journey of truth and patience, of stepping into my shadows to heal the hurts, and disappointments of the past, and to break free out of my own self imposed chains, so that I can love fiercely and resolutely. This is a noble battle of fortitude and one I will engage in until the day I die.

The biggest gifts come in the equilibrium of giving and receiving love, and when you send waves of love out into the world, you always get something in return, maybe not in the form expected or from the source of your exact desire, but it comes. Are you awake to love’s gifts and openly receiving them with outstretched arms?

How is your heart feeling right now and what does it want you to know about your true purpose in life? What do you need to let go of to claim your true inheritance, what will you lay to rest and what needs to be birthed? If you would like to learn how to live a life that is abundant with love, apply to join my next Tribe Called Woman group. Don’t wait another day to start living your life to its fullest expression.

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