She rises

For too long the true feminine voice has been suppressed, ignored, tied in chains in a metal container at the bottom of the sea. Bound, gagged and blind. But now she rises, strong, supple and soft in all the right places.

She is whispering to you, calling your name. She is reminding you to pick up your paintbrushes, smell the flowers and nurture nature. She speaks of old longings, of times when women came together to celebrate their womanhood and rites of passage.

She is Shakti and Shakti is power. She is all things that are made and she resides in first creation. The great destroyer and creator. She knows your name… She is the great force at work within our systems, shaking them up and saying enough is enough.

Will you answer the call? Will you embody Shaki and pave the way for a new form of creative consciousness? Will you open your heart to yourself, others and our planet?

Women, it’s time for us to come together, to support each other in our quests of equality and balance. When one flys we all do, when one falls we do too.

I’ll meet you on the invisible bridge, in the field where the marching band plays…

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