Shhhhhhh, it’s time to listen with all your senses

When did you last really listen to others, to what was really being said, to the deeper meaning behind the words? When did you last observe their body language and hold the space for deeper connection?

Words can be very deceiving, if you want to create a sense of connection with others, you will need to listen with all your senses, especially your intuition and place your attention away from “just” words…

In my own personal practice, I have a listening practice that I have developed over the last seven years that enables me to share and tune into others from the field… From this place, I can hear them on a soul level, as well as tune into the wider, creative universal mystery.

My challenge to you is to listen for five minutes to what is being said, sit back and feel into the deeper context – what does this person/situation really need? And then reflect back, you can use metaphors or feelings if they are present, but make sure you get the essence of what is being said…

Here are my top listening and sharing tips for you to play around with, make your own:

– I hear you say…

– My sense is… When you spoke about … I felt…

– An image of …. came to me…

– Am I correct?

Then hold the space for the impact this has on the other and see what wants to happen next. Do not skip this part, as this is where connection is further enforced.

This is truly a magical, creative process, find your courage and go there, you will not be disapointed…

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