My story of wellbeing in COVID times…

My story of wellbeing in COVID times… This is a blog about self-reflections, awareness and acknowledgment. It has been written as a bridge of light for anyone who is feeling lost, alone and unsure of their next step. It also provides a healthy boost if you are committed to making an ongoing journey back home to your true self.

Who am I now? 14 years ago, I embarked on a journey that saw me moving to London to follow my dreams in Global Public Relations. It turned out pretty badly and I ended up in a hit and run motorbike accident that still impacts me today. That moment was life changing, as I realised that my wellbeing is the most important thing in my life. I also learnt about vulnerability and went on an incredible healing journey, that continues today.

A lot has happened since the picture on the left was taken at my leaving for London party and I’m not just taking about skin tone, and hair colour.

What I know to be true: Taking time out to acknowledge and recognise your journey is an important step in every transition. It also supports your wellbeing across multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reflecting and coming into the present moment is a wonderful practice because recognition occurs. I like who I was back then, my life was radically different, I was lonely and naive, as well as caring and talented. I also realise that I love who I am today and feel assured, even trusting in my choices. The twists, turns and traumas have worked their magic and supported me to believe that I am whole, capable and in exactly the right place, and time.

To be human is to grow and discover our essence, and to shine our lights back out into the world. For anyone reading this right now, never give up on your incredible spirit and natural ability to create, and rise. If it feels dark, switch on the light and ask for help because that is often the first step back home to your leadership of self-back home to the self.

From the moment we are created we begin a journey of transitions, moving from one stage to the next until we are born. This journey continues until our last breath, it is the same for every single one of us. What sets us apart (in my opinion) is our willingness to dig deep, rise strong (even with shaky knees) and keep evolving. To not accept mediocre or the (so called) easy road because that’s the way things are, but to stand up for our beliefs and create heart-expanding solutions. We are all called upon to live more creatively and move as one.

Are you willing to be fully present with you, while also holding the space for the person you are becoming (more of)?

If you would like to go a little deeper, I invite you to reflect on these powerful questions:

Past self: Who am I (as a result of my journey)? It’s important to acknowledge yourself and recognize the journey you have lived, up until now because this creates a window of truth. When you see yourself with eyes of love, acceptance and awe you will recognize your true self.

Now you’re back in the present moment and ready to answer:

Present self: What do you want to recognise yourself for?

Future self: Who am I becoming? We all have a deep and instinctive sense of who we really are; the person we were born to BE. In many ways, your future self is already present and has been guiding you towards the fullest expression of your life’s purpose. Are you willing to listen?

What is being called forth in you at this time? What beliefs, thought patterns, behaviors do you want to change and adopt? What truths want to be told, what feelings want to be felt and pathways created?

This blog has been written by me: Karen Heras-Kelly CPCC & PCC, a Certified Professional Coach and meditation expert whose work inspires wellbeing, clarity and creative leadership. I am a full time Joy Hunter and the founder of

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