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Powerful Conversations change your life

I am delighted to mark this moment with a newsflash announcement. Starting on (2.6.21 via InstagramLive) I will be collaborating with the powerful, Astrid Teigaas to take ‘Powerful Conversations’ into a talk-show format. 

We will be discussing the importance of hosting ongoing, Powerful Conversations in your life. Why now? What’s the gift? What are the necessary ingredients? What are the taboos, and pitfalls that get in the way? 

What will it take for each of us to come out of hiding and face the topics that hold meaning and the key to our own empowerment? 

As CTI coaches, we’ve built careers hosting intimate and private powerful conversations, now it’s our turn to go under the microscope in service of personal growth (ours and yours). We promise to bring our collective wisdom, good humour and real life stories to the table. 

Why tune in? We want you to grow with us, we have personal stories to share and plenty to say. Expect opinions, truth telling and vulnerability. 

Astrid is a former lawyer living in Norway. She is one of the fiercest heart people I know, an all-around powerhouse.  She brings forth a no-nonsense approach to asking for what you want. 

I on the other side, spent 17 years building global brands working within the fields of marketing & communication. Positive story telling is part of my DNA. I know how to take a basic truth and make it magical. Hopes, dreams and miracles are my domain – soothing and guiding you into a field of your own possibilities. 

Together, we create a space of authenticity and magic. I will also lead a soothing, throat activating, self esteem boosting meditation to support you to get into the zone… 

Come? We will be on InstagramLive:

  • @motherandbaby @8pm GMT on 2 June 2021.
  • @tribecalledwoman on 6 June 2021 @ 4pm GMT.

This blog is part of a Powerful Conversations series written by Karen Heras-Kelly, which includes the following articles: 

  • Building bridges one conversation at a time
  • Listen to reconnect
  • Now is the time for leaders to recover to self
  • When I say Powerful Conversation, you assume?
  • Make your dreams bigger than your limiting beliefs
  • Start by creating powerful conversations within you 

You can catch up on the full series at Karen is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Leadership facilitator, meditation and creative visualisation expert. Karen is the founder of A Tribe Called Woman and the Breathe Time at work project.

Are you ready to shine as a leader today?

Who are you when you’re at your natural best, when you allow yourself to shine? What qualities break free in you and what’s your contribution? What conditions are required that allow you to step into your true essence? What lifts your lid and what closes you down? All important questions to sit with for a while that will help you to define how well do you know yourself as an individual and leader?

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