Women, will you take off your masks?

My life purpose is to help female leaders connect with their body wisdom so they can move from a place of inner intuitive knowing.

For them to feel into the calling of the heart, the stirring of the gut and the wisdom of their own inner intelligence, and from there to take the next, best action no matter how illogical it may at first seem to the rationale brain.

As a woman who has learned to trust her intuitive powers, I see that this is a gift that is bestowed upon me and it is my duty to listen and act. I know that when I choose to ignore my intuitive hits, I can easily become lost at sea, stranded on some bobbing boat without a paddle or an idea of how to get home, that’s when it becomes really dangerous.

And so, I want women like you to trust the ancient promptings of the divine feminine energy that is alive in you today.

I have a dream that more women will say with clear and intentional voices, ‘hey, that’s enough, this is not working, it’s time for change, trust me and follow me.’ I want women to put their whole body, energy and commitment behind their words, for them to slap the table and say, ‘get over yourself, this is not a game of egos, we are here to care for and nurture each other while we work, and live together in this world.’

For me the working environment is a metaphor for how we view the world we live in, are we supportive, open, generous, compassionate or are we power playing, defensive, closed and believing we are alone and lacking in some way? What ever you believing about you, trust me, it will spread like wildfire. So if your beliefs are driving you into self-comparison, inner and external hyper-criticisms born from some belief that you have to be perfect, it’s time to quit the habit.

It’s time to take off the masks. I believe it’s time for more women to remove their guards. You do not need to be somebody else to succeed, you were born into this world to quite simply, “be all of you.”

By fighting for our independence across hundreds of years – from the vote, becoming home owners and gaining equality in both the bedroom and boardroom, we’ve lost our way somehow. As a fun loving twenty something with an eye on having it all, I grew up in a time when ladettes downed pints, Girl Power reigned supreme and we all shook our tail feathers to Destiny’s Child’s, ‘Independent Woman.’

I worked my way through the corporate ranks, got the title, travelled the world, bought the penthouse and convertible, mixed with celebrities, and then I woke up to what mattered most in life, all of this without a strong sense of ‘self’ and knowing who I was, and what was important to me, was and is a dangerous place to be. It’s dangerous because my identity was tied up with items that lived outside of who I was at my very core, and so my attachments to my title, how others viewed me and my social status were placed above qualities like love, joy, compassion, peace and gratitude. What mattered most was maintaining my position and keeping a firm hold on what I had worked so hard to achieve, as well as continuing to get more.

We’ve jumped on board the corporate bandwagon and believed that in order for us to succeed, we needed to adopt the traits of city slickers hell bent on earning a fast buck whatever the costs.

Vulnerability in the workplace, pah, as if…
It’s time to soften and connect to our intuition and to bring a feminine touch into offices, schools, politics, communities, medicine, families, culture and where ever else it’s needed.

We are not robots, we are not slaves, we are not men, we are women – we have hidden depths and talents that are not being fully utilised, and the culprit is ourselves.

Why do we step down from our true thrones as women of substance? Why do we pull out our roots from Mother Nature; we are the only sex that can give birth to another human being and this is something we take for granted? Why have we forgotten who we are, our birthright and our place in this world, as guardians of humanity, the planet and its resources?

The good news is that there is a wave of change that is present in our world, you may not see it reported very often on the news, but it’s out there. There is an invisible and magical energy that is present in you and in all living things, and it’s available to all of us should we choose to take the time to connect. With practice and help, we can all transcend from the lower self into a higher spiritual domain and when we come together in tribes, we can move mountains.

When working in harmony, the sacred union of the divine feminine and masculine can unite, heal and create anything. By balancing, healing, honouring and integrating our Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, we write a new future for ourselves, humanity and this planet.

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