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This is a blog about getting back up, breaking free, finding balance and getting in touch with your power or as I like to call it, your life-force energy – that universal power source that is in all living things. Take your hands and gently cup your face, can you feel the loving, hot energy that I am talking about radiating through you?

Before, moving into the juicy topic of empowerment, I feel the need to define what it isn’t. In my opinion, an empowered human is not super-human, void of emotion, fearless and robotic, because this is an alien-like state that holds a high level of separation from one person to the next. This leads me to believe that an empowered human is a natural leader because she is sourced by a power that comes from within and rather than question that source, she uses her intuition to discern what’s needed. She is both maverick and miracle at that point.

When I see someone return from the brink of desperation, when I watch someone get back up and claim their space in the world, this is the sign of a truly empowered human. We are not empowered because we have it all figured out, we are empowered because we trust that no matter what happens, we will find our way back out into the light.

We are brave because we keen going. We are spirited because we never give up on our connection to our true essence, higher self and life’s calling, no matter what. And if you haven’t figured out some of this stuff yet, it really is ok because by asking the right questions, you will find your answers. The answers by the way are inside of you and the clues are often right in front of your nose. To access your inner wisdom you need to follow the instructions prepared by adults for children that teach them road safety. The Highway Code says stop, look and listen, and these simple tips are also helpful for adults who need to find their way back home to their true self. Don’t you just love the irony of that?

An empowered human removes any blocks and obstacles from her path and knows that the biggest battle she will ever face is with herself, or more importantly with her inner critic, or small self.

Firstly, she disempowers her inner critic by affirming that everything in her path is a gift from life, designed to help her grow. Yes even the knee trembling, nose-diving moments. She remembers that while she is not in control of how things will be, she is able to choose how she responds.

Secondly, she takes full responsibility for herself and her life, and when things don’t go to plan, she accepts that this is all part of the divine master plan requiring her to dig deep and live her truth. By tuning into her higher, masterful self, she is able to navigate her way through confusion into greater clarity, and from there she can tune into the wise woman within.

I want to state that the wise voice or presence inside of us is our greatest source; one that has always been part of us. Our wisdom is not dependent on our age, it is in fact, age and sexless, and some of the wisest people I know are children. It is my belief that innocence and playfulness are important factors in our ongoing development, and so it’s essential to allow our inner children to roam wild, and free. The voice you don’t want to listen to is the scared inner child, she is dangerous, she will pull you under the water and suffocate you because of her blind panic.

To discover our true power however, it is also important to claim your womanhood, to affirm that you are a woman of substance. This means that there is a rite of passage that needs to occur and this can be a lengthy process. I have been personally working on this part for the last three years and I’m happy to say that I have grown into the woman I was born to be at this stage in my life.

I now accept the wild streak that runs through my body from the curls of my hair to the drumbeat of my heart. I know that I can be both wild and free, deep and connected because I am me. When I live into these simple truths, I see myself as complete and whole, and I can be counted on to say the unsayable, do the impossible and be fully present in the moment.

Thirdly, we are all made up of divine intelligence; including both male and female energies, and it is the union of these energies that will bring us back to balance and unification. To have optimum health, we must nurture our yin and yang, too much of a steer towards either of these energies unearths us, and when we are untethered we lose our connection, and sight. So to bring this to life for you, I consider myself to be steered towards the energy of the sacred feminine. I’m a woman’s woman, I have a natural appreciation of beauty and the arts, I create rituals and ceremonies in my daily life and I play ‘mothering type’ roles in my relationships. In my rite of passage to claim my womanhood, I had to learn to tune into the energy of the healthy divine masculine because I needed to connect and find my backbone. It was time to stand up straight and show the world what I was made of.

The road to self-empowerment is not always smooth and it’s during times of tragedy, heartache and disruption that we find our resilience, and it’s then that we can access our full power and range. We are the only species who can actively choose how to ‘be with’ life, ourselves and those around us, this gives us tremendous power, can you feel it?

When we find clarity through truth telling and then move into action, we are both liberated and sourced by a magical power, so my question is…

What do you need to be true to YOU?

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