The joy hunter

The link between an open heart and joy is direct. If you try to close your heart, you will diminish, stagnate, reduce or block the joy that exists in every moment of your daily life.

The joy spark will struggle to light, trust me I’ve been seeking joy for four years ever since a series of traumatic experiences changed the course of my life. Four months in lockdown have intensified my experience and created a practice that I truly believe in, one that has experienced the flight of joy in my heart.

Joy is conscious, joy is spontaneous, joy is everywhere, joy is now. Joy is a choice and it is one to awaken to. Take your own key and unlock your heart because a closed heart, and mind will create more pain. You have the power, you have the range, you can rise from joy when you open again…

So on my journey of opening hearts, I discovered the magic of everyday life. I found joy in the most mundane and simple of places, it has taken practice and discipline to recognise the secret of everyday joy. What I have discovered is truly remarkable or at least it is to me.

It’s the taste of a ham sandwich lovingly served by my husband, the vision of my family playing in the garden, the songbird singing outside my window, the first rose buds brightening my day, the glint of the moon coming through my blinds, my neighbours smile as she stopped to tell me she held her granddaughter for the first time yesterday.

I’ve also discovered that joy will even return to the most stubborn of minds. Because occasionally joy sweeps in on a giant cosmic broom, brushes off the cobwebs and has its way with you. It sneaks up, taps you on the shoulder and sings ta da… BUT if you do not maintain its upkeep, cleanse your toxic thoughts and let its random surprises pierce your heart, you will once again find yourself blocked and barren.

You could of course decide to make this a way of life, to open your heart to what is given and say, hell yes, I’m in, show me the way, teach me how to dance a joyous dance. Ta da, here we go…

Here are some joyful tips to create power and focus in your daily life:

Create a joyful to-be and to-do list (what brings joy to your heart, place your focus there and create?) leave some space for spontaneous surprises and get curious about what is being given to you in daily life. (Joy can come from anywhere, but you will need to choose to allow the feeling to rise).

Say yes to what you really want – recieve help when it is offered and feel the energy of the inward motion of life.

Say no to what is not in your heart.

What small everyday things (already present in your life) are you missing/where are you zoned out? Begin an awakening process that brings you back to the present moment and see what is there with fresh eyes.

Set a mindful bell chime in your phone every 30mins, place your hand on your heart and say, I am awake/ I am open to life (or a mantra that works for you).

Breathe, sing, dance, move.

Do anything creative that you can watch grow, plant seeds, knit, paint, write.

Take up a new hobby for the fun of it and see where it takes you.

Sit and have a warming drink and taste the juice of that moment.

Connect to any of your senses and allow yourself to open to what you are feeling in this moment.

Put some essential oils on your pressure points (temples and back of wrists). Also rub into the palm of your hands and place your hands over your nose and take a deep breath in and out, let the sensual scents fill your nostrils, this smells like joy.

I will be writing more about the practice of feeling joy soon, so stay peeled.

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