The new road (ways to build hope, trust and connection)

This article talks about the importance of cultivating higher level energies in the workplace. More than ever, leaders are being called upon to show a human face, we also need to inspire hope, connection and trust in our teams because when people come together in connection and solidarity, magic happens. I invite you to take some time to reflect right now and consider the energy behind your thoughts, words and deeds. 

Where are you right now on your journey? What are the common emotions that you are feeling? A global pandemic, climate change and humanitarian disasters have us struggling with feelings of overwhelm, hopelessness, despair, and rising anxiety.

But now is not the time to give up hope because all around the world, people are showing up for those in need. Last week, I had two incredible conversations that showcased the magic of leaders committed to showing a human face during the attacks by Russia on the Ukraine. While I cannot reveal the contents of these conversations, they showed me the impact of human connection, compassion, and solidarity. I realized that it’s time to trust again and find our strength to allow connection in, and to open our hearts to the co-creativity of life. 

Be patient and let go

The road to hope can take some time (and it’s a daily choice) because it involves peeling your inner onion. Growth as a human tribe is essential to our evolution, it can also be messy. At each stage of our journey, we are called to investigate our inner closet and invited let go of what no longer fits or is of no use to us, and wider.

The issue is that letting go doesn’t come easily to any of us, instead we hold on and cling, waiting for the next best thing to come by before we jump. We can be waiting for a long time, until eventually holding on becomes too painful and we are moved along by a force bigger than ourselves.

Letting go ahead of time requires trust and belief. We build up protective layers, adopt personas and wear masks, these layers also need to be peeled if we are to live a wholehearted, truthful and creative life, if we are to be leaders with human faces.

We have all lived through so much and surely the idea is not to return to normality, but to break through to the other side and show up as leaders who trust their journey, and are willing to show vulnerability in the face of ongoing trials, and tension?

My invitation to you is this, where can you step into a wholehearted conversation in your life today? What are you not saying to yourself and others that would have you peel off your layers and build human connections?

Where there is a will, there is a way

I want you to know that when you open your heart, and mind to yourself, to those around you and to the unknown, there is wonder. You were born open, naked and ready to learn how to be human. You learned how to fall over and get back up again because it’s part of your DNA. 

Being together informally as a group reinforces human connection – picture for A Tribe Called Woman by Jessie Leong

Desperation repels, trust invites

Desperation is a repelling energy, it won’t take you were you truly want to go. Anything you collect along the way will be attached to insecurities and feel temporary. When you get to your destination, self-sabotaging stories and beliefs will be there to greet you, so you may as well deal with them now?

For you to trust, choose to love and honour who you are. Build a relationship of trust within and for yourself, and watch doors opening. It’s not just about the words you speak, it’s about connecting to who you are being when you speak to them – what energy are you moving from? Peace or war, love or hate, openness or fear? People feel your energy before they hear your words, they remember how you make them feel, so pay close attention to how you are feeling and do some inner spring cleaning if you need to clean-up.

Love is part of connection

I also want to mention the L word, yes that’s right LOVE, if you are not engaging in love then you are not in connection, it’s that simple.

Fundamentally, see yourself through eyes of love and extend this to others and you will discover new possibilities. 

Here’s a mini roadmap on how to start a powerful inward conversation today:

  1. Create a space to really be with yourself. Turn devices on silent and place the faces down – better still put them in another room.
  2. Check in with your perspective? How are you approaching this conversation and what needs to be in place for you to be present? 
  3. Remember, you are always at choice: What choices will you make today and from what place? Who will you be when you’re doing?

The invitation is to stay open, opening your hearts and minds to humanity. You are asked to dig deeper during this time and to stay hopeful. There is always another way, when we stand up for one another and ourselves, we pave the NEW way.

This blog is part of a Powerful Conversations series written by Karen Heras-Kelly, which includes the following articles: 

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You can catch up on the full series at is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Leadership facilitator, mindfulness and creative visualisation expert. Karen is the founder of A Tribe Called Woman, a company dedicated to the promotion of women and feminine energy, and ‘The Breathe Time at work project.’

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