Think small, live big – the key to how is to take baby steps

I am tired of the notion of playing it big. I used to subscribe to this idea once upon a time, but life experience has taught me that the world of ‘big’ is the place where the ego resides.

Our ego’s mission is to keep us stuck in a circle of fear; I must go bigger, larger or I’ll fail, get left behind and so on. The underlying assumptions of being unworthy, weak, small and insignificant are enough to keep us forever striving, driving and perfecting, and for what – where exactly are we driving to, apart from further away from our light?

So why do we buy into this collective idea that Big is better?

There is something very seductive in the idea of making it big, it can feel like we are invincible and that’s why we desire it. In contrast the notion of playing it small, seems inferior to the ego mind.

Let’s be clear, I’m not suggesting you diminish yourself. I am however talking about holding a purposeful vision and taking the slow, steady and disciplined steps to get there… Put aside ideas that this is boring because this ride is one that will take you closer to your destiny and all you got to do is keep moving, one baby step at a time.

Rather than talking generally, let me tell you a personal story to put this into context…

In my quest to make my contribution to this world and to nurture myself, my fellow beings and the planet, I have been experimenting with a new philosophy, which I’ve coined, ‘the think small, live big’ approach to living a purposeful life. Or how to tune into the power of purpose with a small p…

It all started when I left my ‘big’ job in London four years ago. I said goodbye to my big status, moved out of my ‘big apartment’ and stopped wearing skyscraper heels. I uprooted some old beliefs and removed their big hold on me. I downsized my dumbbells in favour of a humble yoga mat and even downsized my portion sizes; there was no longer a need to keep filling my body with food in a bid to pacify my emotions.

I stopped telling myself that ‘being the best’ was the key to happiness and set out on a new journey to re-discover who I really was inside. I was a little fatigued by all the big mountains I’d been climbing because quite frankly when I reached the top, I discovered that there wasn’t anything worth holding onto up there. I think this was the biggest illusion of all, when I get there, I will be happy. When I reach perfection, I’ll meet the man. When I have it all, I’ll find utopia. Am I ringing any bells here?

I decided that the only way out was through and adopted a new approach to living called ‘think small, live big.’ I downsized, left the big city, re-trained as a life and leadership coach, healed my body and mind, and decided to be an ambassador for love.

Today, as I make the daily commitment to follow my heart, I understand that the only way I can stay grounded and focused is for me to remain humble, and think and do in small steps. I am learning to love the mysterious paradoxes of life, as I’ve discovered that ‘small is in fact big,’ and ‘slow is definitely fast.’

Life looks and feels different now, I smile and speak to strangers in the street, I feel joyful every day and I no longer have a long list of things to do before I die. The courage of my heart guides me forward and I take the slow and steady steps required to keep following a new path, lifestyle and way of living that is like chicken soup for my soul. I call this living big because it’s about following good vibes and generally loving each day. It is through this energy that I’ve been able to create beautiful programmes for women and in doing so, my well is full, which for me is the key to successful living.

In a world that is already moving too fast, it is time for us to collaborate and create, to enjoy the simplicity and abundance of life. Are you with me?

Finding and stepping into your contribution:

We all have a contribution to make and the best place to start is at home with yourself. Unless you change the old ingrained beliefs and habits, unless you cut them off at their root, you will be forever trapped in the role of playing big; the demands you place on yourself will be BIG along with the scathing accusations that push your actions. Don’t let the fear squatter take up residence in your body and life; it will always overstay its welcome just like unwanted relatives.

Here are my top tips for ‘playing it small, staying humble and living big.’

1. Tune into the power of visualisation. Travel in your mind and then ground your visions down into reality – take it one baby step at a time

2. Dare to be vulnerable – ask for help, say what you need, say I’m sorry, I don’t know, I love you

3. Write down ways you are moving towards your goal and celebrate the small steps because they will equate to something meaningful

4. Work with one intention over a period of time (it takes 30 days to break a habit)

5. Keep your body moving and let its wild side out – get primitive and basic

Get in touch if you would like to know more about the ‘Think small, live Big’ ethos. You can also read my tips on living a purposeful life in this month’s, In The Moment Magazine.

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