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My path to female communion and collaboration has been a long road; for many years I was unconsciously plugged into unhealthy beliefs that separated me from other women. I feared, resented and was jealous of them.

Competition and withholding my essential self were my weapons of mass destruction; both of which were driven by accusations from my trickster mind that I wasn’t good enough or lovable and that I didn’t belong. I drove myself to the extreme because I was determined to be the best. Or if the stakes were too high, I would retreat into my bunker and wait for the storm to pass. I have to admit that it’s not something that I’m proud of.

And on the other hand, I have always surrounded myself with strong, wise, beautiful and matriarchal women. I sought them out. I worked for and with them. I travelled alongside them and I loved them with a fierce, and loyal heart. I believe this was the wise woman inside me who knew that somehow my path to happiness involved opening my heart to a great union with other women.

When I reflect on my past, I see that there has always been a strong allegiance to my female sisters and yet, there was a part of me that held back for fear of rejection. And of course, the old disempowering stories built up around me and provided fine examples for my saboteur to twist and turn into further weapons of separation.

As a young woman who was bullied throughout her early High School years, I lived with fear and knew the importance of self-protection. Three years later, I had learned to safeguard my heart from attack. Who or what are you safe-guarding your heart from and what is this costing you in your life today?

I am sharing this journey with you because I want to pass on my learnings with the hope that it will inspire you to let down your guard and show your true essence; will you embody love, speak the truth, make peace or take a leap of faith?

I am inviting you to join me in a quest of sharing a common bind with fellow females. And as I type these words, I feel deep gratitude for the painful lessons, experiences and teachers that set me free, and guided me home. My heart is open because today my life is filled full of loving relationships, and equal partnerships. I no longer need to prove my worth or allow insecurities to hold me back. I am a woman of substance born to lead other women to the frontline of their lives.

The last two years of my life has been dedicated to the empowerment of women. It’s been a journey of healing, and one where I have let go of past memories and forgiven myself for not being perfect. I have claimed a part of me that was lying underneath the surface. I have gone into my dark shadows and healed the woman that lies within, and subsequently created relationships built on trust, honour and respect. And now I teach others to do the same.

The path to love begins within and this journey we must do alone; we must walk off the cliff of safety and trust that underneath is a ridge that will hold us tenderly like our mother’s womb.

As we take each step, we continue to say yes to whatever it takes to begin anew and we are reborn full of innocence, joy and curiosity. It is time for us to drink the sweet nectar of life because such work always comes with great rewards. And yet these rewards are usually not the material kind, they are gifts of service, sent to us to provide fresh opportunities to say yes to a deeper relationship with womankind.

As we remove the need to compete and step into a haven of safety, our wings start to flutter and open. We become aware of our God-given gifts and talents, and we are willing to share these, and ourselves fully with others. Fear stands for false evidence appearing real and our work is to fully discern what emotions we will breed and those we will weed. What positive seeds will you plant in your relationships today and what is needed to take you closer to your deepest desires?

I must talk here about one of the biggest wins created when we come together from a space of female solidarity and power; we no longer allow others to project their own fears, dramas, disempowering stories and ideals onto us. Have you ever walked away from a conversation with a friend feeling dirty because she has emptied her unedited dirty laundry onto you, or maybe it was you, who was doing the projecting, the gossiping, the scheming? It’s time to stop with the medalling and begin the deep hearing, to be with your sisters in silence and celebration for all of their strengths, and weaknesses.

As purposeful women, we no longer agree to allowing others to elbow their way into our sacred space and turn the spotlight onto them self, while pretending to have our best interests at heart. We become skilled at reading into the others’ intentions and use our intuition to discern who we will share with and from what space. Without discernment we are at the mercy of others and while we must trust, we must also choose who, what, when, where and why.

When we begin to really listen to each other because we have learned to stay present to the one who is speaking, we are no longer seeking answers for ourselves or for them. Instead, we are holding the space for them to open their hearts and tell their truth. We are saying; it is safe for you to share your true essence, for you to speak the words that have been hidden, for you to claim your vulnerabilities and for you to shine because we know you are one of us. This is not the space to indulge in each others’ stories, but it is the place to be seen, heard and understood. Our work is to remain pure, to stop scheming and start believing in the power of the female form.

What I know is that when women come together in service of their passion and own who they are, miracles happen. Projects, businesses, relationships, charities, just causes and much more are created, and born. Many of us, myself included have become accustomed to doing things alone, and in increasing numbers, we are weary of this out dated model.

Tribe Called Woman is the place to set yourself free, to dive deep into your soul, to open your heart, embrace your womanhood and move into life as a fully embodied female. Are you ready to take the leap?

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