A Total eclipse of the moon

Today (31 January 2018) sees a total lunar eclipse occurring as a rare super blue blood moon appears in our skies. This occurance is like a spiritual microphone that will amplify any efforts already being made on our journey of spirit, so it’s an energetic shift that requires attention.

We are in our very essence made up of earth, moon and stars. When I think about planetary movements and their impact on our lives, I am amazed at the relevance and truth of what is charted in the sky and how this comes to life in my own minuscule journey.

I know that the movement of the moon is a reflection of what is happening on the inside of my womb. This truth still humbles me and in writing this blog, I hope more women choose to learn about their own moon cycle, as well as tune into their womb’s deep wisdom. This matters because in doing so you will connect with and own your full feminine power or at the very least make conscious decisions that are in line with your body’s natural rhythm, and cycle.

In my own journey as a divine feminine fire stoker, I’ve invested time, money, education and excitement into tuning into my own heart and womb; a sacred passage the ancients’ referred to as the heart-womb river. When I visualise myself floating along this sacred channel, I feel upheld by a power and wisdom that is totally for me.

I’ll never forget my first conscious journey where I decided to connecting to my womb’s wisdom. My initial assumptions were that I would meet a small and wounded part of myself, but I was very wrong. The voice that greeted me was full of Shakti energy and the source of all feminine power.

Through my quest of tuning into my womb and following my instincts, I have discovered that there is a basic universal law that when followed brings back sacred time for women. Our monthly moon cycle provides a forever changing rhythm that is in sync with the moon herself. The tide comes in, it goes out, the inner garden prepares to bloom, the fruit ripens or falls away, back down into the earth. Winter comes, the animals migrate or hibernate – this is the montly cycle that operates deep inside every woman’s body. Or at least that’s how we were born to be.

Of course, there are challenges here because the impact of modern day living pulls us away from our inner and outer nature, we pop pills, push through, tune out the messages to rest, we refuse to surrender, to restore and we suffer the consequences. Our ego gets strengthened in the battle between higher and lower self, the fight between intuition and sheer bloody mindedness.

When I move against nature’s rhythms, I become initially agitated and eventually flat, this flatness is usually enforced on to me by a body that knows when it’s had enough. It’s taken a while to get to this place, but I am now listening and increasingly curious about what the ancients knew. I have learnt to luxuriate, to retreat under the covers with a great book during those days when my cycle asks me to wait, it’s quite the trip. And when I emerge from my cocoon, I am ready for a fresh take on a new day.

Yesterday I was reflecting on my journey and that of so many of the women I work with. We are all in a constant state of motion and e-motion, as energy moves and flows around our bodies. Sometimes we get blocked and stagnate, other times we vibrate on a higher level depending on where we are on that day or what we’re being and doing.

As I ponder tonight’s rare Luna eclipse, I see the link between moon, sun and earth. How we often don’t see what is truly happening or what’s right in front of our eyes because we are caught up in old stories or events from our past. Just as during an eclipse, the earth blocks the sun’s rays to the moon bringing us into darkness for a short time, our ego’s shaddow attempts to block our true essence from being seen.

And sometimes it feels like our true self is lost, however when we allow our hearts to open and feel, we know we are back home and our essence begins to shine again… Isn’t this what living a fully human life is all about, getting lost and knowing that we will once again, find our way home?

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