Waking up from the neck down

We’ve been sold a dud, led astray if you may by philosophers, psychologists and prophets. Teachings have told us that body is unimportant, yes it’s important to stay healthy and fit, but mind is the king and body the lesser queen or perhaps the sckully maid.

During our spiritual journey, our minds require our attention, our bodies go back into the earth and fall away, so best to not pay too much attention… Right?

On my own divine feminine journey from being a little girl to today, I have been amazed by the incredible strength of feelings, emotions and creativity that sit within. And I’ve dedicated the last 9 years of my life to listening deeply and following the vibrational pulse of my energy system, lifeforce and heart to discover the true beauty of what lies beneath. And women have joined me, working our way through the quagmire of ourselves to arrive at the summit, to take our place at the table and fill our own cups.

I previously spent years focusing on my mind, clearing my mind talk, seeking the truth and making resonate choices. And while this served a point and was very helpful at times, I somehow sensed that there was so much more than mind-control and mental health.

My discoveries did not fall into favour with all my teachers and I have been ridiculed for my growing passion around the wisdom of our bodies to hold and mold, shape and create, give birth and nurture.

And yet something deep inside urged me to keep exploring, expanding, holding and sensing. That to feel it all was in fact a gift, that mind control was in fact a dillusion and that heart always comes first.

”You my dear are not your mind, thoughts or creations, you are so much more,” whispered my heart late one night as I drift through space, and time.

The mountains, valleys, seabreeze, volcanoes and streams live within you. Everything in your life begins and ends inside you, your brain is closeted by your wise and wonderful body. If this seems far fetched: What came first, mind or heart?

When my daughter was 8 weeks old in my womb, it was her heart beat that I heard first, beating stronger than any shamanic drum, calling out for her life. “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here” the beats sang.

So why do we think that if we cleanse our minds, all will be well? It’s simply not true, we are on a bigger journey than this, we are here to love every inch of who we are, simply and gently and then take that power out into the world, knowing that a warm, and open heart always touches others.

When mind feels scared, we are here to comfort and whisper sweet nothings into its inner ear and let our inner beauty guide us back home, to heart, to our natural self.

Most of us are so programmed into preventing what we fear from happening that we obsess and energise our worse case scenarios (sometimes into being and then becoming). We pollute our airways, streams stagnate and singing birds vacate, we believe we are lost and we look outside for a miracle pill to get us through the day. And all the while, our heart whispers; “not that way, this way… I’m in here, I’m here, I’m here.”

Are you ready to take a journey back home to heart? To feel into and express the joy of knowing you are, “in here, that you’ve always been in here.” That your outward searches were only ever detours away from the truth of who you already are.

This week I will be dedicating my meditation practices to our hearts. I will be sharing my journey and insights into loving you, loving your body’s wisdom, accepting who you are and becoming aware of the magic that lies beneath.

Come along?

Monday meditation – Feel Love – Yours magazine (FacebookLive) @ 8pm GMT

Wednesday meditation – Lead from Love – Mother & Baby (InstagramLive) @8pm GMT

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