Whatever is present in your life, welcome it. Whatever you have, welcome it. Choose not to turn your face away, reject what has been given, no matter how harsh or unworthy you deem it or them to currently be.

It is our openness to life and our willingness to accept that has transformative powers, for us to look deeper into what is being given by God or the universal source, and to say “welcome…”

When I was in labour, I choose to welcome and thank each contraction that came, it helped me to be a willing passenger in the process of birthing my daughter. I choose to say “yes” in one of the most important experiences of my life. I did not have the birth that I visualised and so many elements were taken out of my hands, but the symbolism of this and the life lesson is not lost on me.

Welcome is another way of saying, “yes” to the lessons and your path as a spiritual warrior because if you are choosing to grow, it will not be simple or easy… To then say “thank you” because you truly believe that everything is an offer and a gift, will support you to blossom. An opportunity to slow down, to say yes, to choose another way, to listen to your heart’s deepest desire… You are not a victim, villain or heroine or any other persona you’ve chosen to adopt, you are you and deep within you is the deep knowing that “you are exactly where you need to be right now…”

Our dissatisfaction with ourselves, our lives and what we hold is a chronic human illness, because it removes our joy from each moment. And it has us chasing, racing and driving away from what’s here, now…


What are you truly grateful for in this lifetime right now?

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