What are you hungry for…?

In my work as a coach, I never know what new topics will come to the table when I work with clients. And yet one essential ingredient is being able to listen with the intention of opening up new possibilities for them, even if this is simply the development of a new perspective.

In times of deep listening, the right question can open up the space in a miraculous way. A well aimed question asked at the right time is felt on multiple levels and usually comes with an intake of breath… We call them powerful questions.

Over the years and as the coaching hours have clocked up, I’ve learned that a simple question can call a person forward in a way that eradicates the ego. To then hold the space for this question to be felt and fully digested, creates growth initially on the inside and later on the outside.

A killer question is one to be savoured, one where the other has the chance to “hold and mould” her or his response… And it is quite possible that this question becomes their work of a lifetime.

A question that grows over time, that fills you up and sets you back on your track, is an important part of your leadership journey…

So I will leave you this humble enquiry and some tips on how to delve deeper into your deepest longings:

What are you hungry for?

– To answer this question, create some space and keep asking the question…

– In my experience, it’s not always show-stopping experiences that we are hungry for but something far deeper, and enlightening.

– Personally speaking, I have an ongoing longing to feel inner peace and this knowledge supports me in the everyday, from making decisions to who I hang out with.

– What first step can you take towards expressing this hunger today?

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