What’s love got to do what it – Why the corporate world needs to embrace the L word.

Can we talk about the L(ove) word? Dare I even say it in the workplace? I feel that I must, I’ve coached hundreds of women and some men over the years who have reached the top of their game, and I realise that we all have the same road to trail.

We can talk about looking for love all we like, but we will never find it if we cannot feel it. And to feel we must open, purify, reconnect and come back to our true essential self, and especially back home to our hearts.

When I do my work, I feel love and I cultivate it for the other… Yes, I’m sitting there silently saying “I love this woman, look how brave she is.” “Arh she’s checked out on herself, let’s see what her heart is senseing. There she/he is, I love this woman, man and so on.”

If you have unfinished business inside your heart, you can guarantee it will show up in all your relationships, especially at work. So hire a coach, therapists, healer and get to work. On the other side is a sense of peace, a passion for real time communication and a hunger for connection, and growth. You will say, today I love and accept who I am, I love those around me and I love what I do.

If you are truly serious about being an impactful leader, you will need to create an environment whose foundations are steeped in love. Anything else is based upon fear and scared people make terrible decisions. I’d go as far as to say your evolution, that of your people and performance is dependent on this simple ingredient.

You don’t even need to talk about love if you don’t want to but you do need to feel it, so how can you infuse love into everything you do today? How can you light loving sparks in those around you, what love can you bring to the building, the plants – look around you, is your space popping with aliveness?

If it’s looking tired, dull, lifeless then you know that love is required. Love fills us up, motivates us, brings a song into our world and creates transformations.

We are all here to be loved back to life as the journey if lived fully, will be electrifying at times. When we love ourselves and each other back to life, healing happens and when healing is at WORK, love flows and transformation happens.

Ultimately, do you want to transform, get out of any limiting boxes and live in the slipstream of untapped potential?

It’s time to really give a shit, not just talk about it but do it.

So here are a few questions to ask of yourself and of others if you decide you are the sharing type…

– What makes your heart sing and dance?

– What do you love to do – what did you love to do as a child?

– What do you love about your/a current challenge? (What is the gift of this opportunity?)

– What do you love about yourself and about those you work with?

– What is your deepest longing, something that has your palms break out in a sweat?

– Or what is currently missing in your life that you covet?

Love in the workplace, yes please. It’s so obvious so why is love at work still a taboo subject? As one of my Coaching partners said, “It’s like not having milk in my tea.”

Why should we hold back from expressing love, what’s so scary about the very essence of our existence.

If you don’t love people or something about each member of your team, it’s time for you to take stock of yourself, clean up your inner self and then step back into leadership when your heart is at peace.

If you like my vibe, get in touch… I am currently looking for new corporate clients to get this party started.

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