What’s your dream?

I dream of a world where we are not persecuted by our gender, social status, colour, creed, sexual preferences and of course, where we remove our own self imposed restrictions too. I dream of a world where we take responsibility for our words, actions and power, where we keep showing up and creating more of the good stuff, together.

I am an idealist, a hopeful spiritual warrior and purposeful activist. I believe in the power of people and what’s possible when human beings connect to their body wisdom and each other, and follow their divine instincts.

What about you, what’s your dream? If you don’t know, make it up, pick up a piece of paper and pen, and start writing, the chances are what comes up won’t be too far from the truth.

When you look towards the horizon, what do you see? Are the flowers blooming and is the ground fertile or are you surrounded by dead matter? Is your body alive with fire and passion, and your heart open and willing to receive the powerful molten of love or are you hiding out, asleep and paralysed from the same old limiting beliefs and stories of your past life?

Are you clear about your qualities, gifts and talents and are you owning these fully in your life? If not, why not? What are the blocks and barriers that you are allowing to restrict your vision and dampen your spirit?

To be willing to ask these questions of yourself and to dedicate time to your own development are the actions of a bold and willing heart. To say, yes, I am willing to shine the light of awareness onto the blocks that I’m allowing to stand in my way, requires courage and truth. When you stop pretending and begin to tell the truth about yourself, your life and your dreams, miracles happen.

Do you want to face your fears by stepping into your dreams? Will you tune into the divine feminine energy that runs through your veins and find your tribe?

Get in touch if you would like to work on a new project that will make your heart sing and if you are ready to bring your soft, feminine, and intuitive energy out into the world.

Apply today and join The Nightingales Tribe where you will get connected, birth new ideas, habits, beliefs and heart-led projects. This is the perfect course for women wanting to reconnect and re-balance their feminine energy with a wider purpose of creation. Be it a new relationship, business enterprise, habit, belief baby, wider life purpose or whatever you choose.

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