What’s your Intention?

When you set an intention for the day, year or your life’s fundamental purpose you are saying, send me more of this. Mastery of anything takes practice, so consider that by setting your intention you are saying, challenge and grow me in this way…

Nine times out of 10 you will be tested and faced with a journey that will provide you with chances to sink or swim, so be prepared. Of course it’s not always about swimming either, every heroines’ journey is loaded with dark nights of the soul, where you discover you’re stuck in a quarry that appears to have no exit, for in these times we discover many new gifts. These gifts come in different shapes and sizes, and often opening them takes us to our knees. To rise up, we will be challenged to let go of the old and worn out to make way for the new, unknown territory.

Spirituality isn’t a direct path to getting what you want, but a decision to feed your spirit and water your soul, while opening your heart and mind to who you really are when you shake off the personas and trappings. And of course, it’s only then that you can discern and commit to your own predestined path of service

If for example you want more love, look within. If there is a lack in this area, where can you give more love? Where are you withholding or hard of heart – perhaps with your self, with others or the world? This is your current work, quest or if you’re willing dharma – to say yes to attracting more love, is to basically welcome challenges and ultimately change.

You will find your spiritual path by listening to an ache for something higher that comes from deep within. Only go there if you are willing to listen and act or else you run the risk of real heart ache. Inner saboteurs are real and love nothing more than a half arsed spiritual plan or one that’s built on shaky materialistic foundations.

Having good intentions are also not enough and can be deterimental to your mental health. For us to ultimately thrive, we need to get behind our intentions with all our body, mind and spirit and also be forgiving of ourselves… How many times have you set a new year’s resolution only to fall at the first hurdle. In my opinion, it’s getting back up again that makes us stronger in the long run!

It’s important to know what you’re prepared to let go of to make way for this new way, practice or commitment because dharma only lands fully when you make space (in my opinion).

Is this year the start of a new journey or path and if so what’s your highest intention? What place will you return to when the going gets tough, when you enter the cave within yourself to discover the treasure you seek? Choose one quality, essence or value and stand on this every day as you make your way… In some ways it’s that simple and that difficult!

See you in the field of dharma, it’s a journey worth living for! NB: This blog is inspired by my own personal journey, my work with women around the world and Joseph Campbell’s journey…

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