The witch is back and she’s practicing magic in a coven near you!

In a world that is obsessed with controlling time, I have an urge to escape to a place that is held together with a different thread. As women, we are natural harmonisers and our instincts when followed can lead us away from danger, as well as into resonance places – when we follow our longings and share our stories with others, the atmosphere pops. I, like many of my kindred sisters and brothers, have a longing for more of this and I am happy to report that there is a new form of uprising happening in pockets of our world that is bringing people together to celebrate the beauty of life.

This movement of divine feminine fire stokers is committed to a world where a softer, feminine creative energy is nurtured and honoured for her contribution. Our purpose is to nurture and celebrate the arts, to create rituals and ceremonies that are by their very nature; magical. Magic comes to life when you step into the essence of ritual, you can feel a sense of aliveness or presence in this space – it’s a sacred place where the invisible field that exists between you, me and the almighty opens up. Do you know what I mean?

While you can’t see energy, you can always feel it – if you hold your hands out in front of you, arms outstretched, palms up, you will feel a warm energy – can you feel it? If you allow this simple truth to move around your body, if you allow your breath to deepen, you will know that you are never fully alone. That there is a universal presence alive in all things, it is called life and it resides deep within your body…

In times gone by, women would wash their hair and clothes together in the rivers. During a full moon, they would come together under the protection of a red tent to rest and share stories. We’ve eroded much of this, however there is still hope because the divine feminine has woken up from a long, dark sleep. Underneath the stark winter branches there is life, can you feel this energy? Do you feel like you are coming to your senses in some way, that life is calling you, whispering your name, telling you to awaken and take your stand for a better world?

I am a big believer in the celebration of beauty and I am not taking about pure aesthetics here, but a deep appreciation of the world we live in and all it has blessed us with. When I open my inner eyes, and choose to see and feel beauty in all its many forms, I am reminded of divinity and this moves me deeply. I also feel called to protect this beautiful planet and its many inhabitants because I have a deep sense that time is running out for us. This makes me all the more committed to do what I can to make my world all the more beautiful for allowing me to live in it.

I can look at a barren tree or a beautiful flower and feel moved by its presence, I can lose myself in a piece of art, poetry or music and feel softened by what my body loves to love. I move differently from this place, my pace is slower because I’m more grounded and yet there is an energy flowing through my body that’s intoxicatingly potent… This is what it means to be a divine feminine fire stoker, to create space and time to celebrate my day, to sing, dance, pray and give thanks. To burn sage, scatter petals, hum and vibrate to the best of my ability and to know that when magic happens, it came through me and was not from me.

In times gone by they would have called me a witch, I would have been burned at the stake and persecuted for my opinions as a warning sign to others. If you look back, you will see a long-chequered history that charts the mistreatment of women who stood up for their beliefs and used their voices, and in some places in the world this is still happening.

It’s easy to choose despair, but what’s important is that we are on the brink of breaking a major cycle in our human evolution. It’s even written in the stars. We have entered a shift away from long-assured male supremacy, by both genders, to increasing equality. According to astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel in a recent Style Magazine article: “On December 20, Saturn, signifying masculine focus and power, joined uncompromising Pluto, the planet of sex, secrets and power struggles, although also deep wisdom, in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn. This influences every sign, and each will review its priorities. This is in preparation for 2019 and 2020, when these planets meet, triggering shocking yet informative revelations in the worlds of business, government, finance, science and religion.”

My hope is that we find a place in our hearts and minds for this new loving, and creative energy to shine through. It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, friend or foe, take a little time to appreciate the divine feminine and all her teachings, you may just find you like it and want more… When we appreciate the beauty of life, there is a shift, it’s then when the divine masculine steps forward as guardian protector and we learn to say no, choose to stop filling our oceans with plastic and get into resonate action.

Beautiful spaces, smiling faces, beautiful smells, senses awakening. We’ve killed off so much natural beauty, it’s not too late says the divine feminine. Wake up, stand up, get your backbone in place and start moving. Plant seeds, tell stories, paint pictures, write, dance, sing, hum, you’re beautiful – let yourself be seen. Gather pace, join together, create. Wisha wisha…

I would love to hear your views and experiences of the divine feminine in action in your life, so please get in touch if you would like to share with me (

(I would like to thank my many teachers for being a channel of possibilities and in supporting me to take my stand in the world as a woman of substance and love. Special thanks to: Issy Crocker, Pauline Ward-Brown, Richard Perry, Briggy Kiddle, Pascale Ascher, Louise Smith, Sam House, Dori Ben-Chanoch, Hilary & Brad Keeney writers of Sacred Ecstatics, Chris & Diana Jacob, the Bluebird tribe, my parents & Richard Barrett).

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